A Low-Cost Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Device Developed by IIT Students

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is basically an emergency procedure performed when a person is not breathing or has abnormal breathing. CPR is the only technique which can restart a heart. To carry out an effective CPR many devices have been made. These vary from being portable to battery operated. However, the cost of these CPR devices is very high.

To beat its price, the students of IIT – Gandhinagar, have come up with a cost-effective prototype of the device. They have developed a portable CPR device which can be a saviour for many heart patients or for patients who suffer from a stroke in public areas.

The masterminds behind the low-cost portable CPR device are Kratika Bhagtani and Karthik Karvaje studying electrical and mechanical engineering, respectively.

Source: The Better India

According to them the major problems a person may face if he/she geta a heart attack in a public area is that they may not get ambulance assistance immediately. Secondly, the common people are not well educated when it comes to giving chest compressions and ventilations to some patient.

Their device is easy to use yet cost-effective. As per them, a regular device may cost up to Rs 40,000, whereas their prototype was built in Rs 6,000. They built this with the help of 3D printers along with cardboard. If the prototype is commercialized then it should cost no more than Rs 10,000.

Their prototype CPR is compact, affordable and mechanical. It has the capability of performing compression at the required depth and rate, lung ventilation and adequate compression rate of the airway. It is not too big – as big as a laptop and weighs around 1 kg with a handle to rotate it. The handle can also be replaced with an electric motor.

Source: Money Control

This device was built for the Invent@IITGN program at IIT Gandhinagar, a six-week intensive program. The prototype for the CPR device won prize money of Rs 1 lakh. They are further going to apply for patent filed both in India and the US.

The low-cost portable CPR is definitely a path-breaking innovation in the field of medical technology. If you have a similar idea for a problem then join us at Bots ‘N Brains and be the change you want to create!


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