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2C3D, a Tactile Camera for the Blind

Ever wondered how the blind feel when they can not see the world or a beautiful sunrise with their eyes? Have you ever thought that we like to get clicked and take selfies, do they also like the same? Just because they cannot see, we don’t realise that they may also love to take pictures of themselves.

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Now here is a new camera which can bid adieu to their woes. The camera also known as 2C3D allows the blind to see and get clicked. This camera is unique with the design and development of a tactile camera to enable the visually impaired to see. The unique characteristic of this is that it creates 3D videos and pictures of the person. It also has a 3D screen. The inspiration behind the screen for this camera is through “Pin Toy”, which is built using many 3D pixels. These pixels keep shifting as per the formation of a picture in order to form the 3D image on the screen. This has definitely given ‘touch screen’ a new meaning altogether.

Source: Orengeva

How does 2C3D camera work?

​The person who wants a picture can touch the screen when the photograph is being taken and at the same time can feel the camera in real-time. If the user likes what he/she feels then they can press click and save the picture. This picture saves in the form of a 3D file which can be felt time and again. 2C3D indeed fulfils the need for a camera for visually impaired through a physical-digital album.

Source: Orengeva

While designing technology and products with unique needs it is of utmost importance to keep the product simple, pleasant and easy to use. The 2C3D camera indeed recognises the needs and is easy to use with its unique and innovative elements.

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