A Test to Detect Cancer Much Before its Spread

When you hear the word cancer, fear trickles in along with it. Cancer is considered to be one of the deadliest diseases with no definite treatment. Its statistics are also quite alarming.

In India, around 2.25 million people are living with the disease with 9.81% males and 9.42% females. Each year, the cancer-related deaths around 7,84,821. A woman with cervical cancer dies in every 8 minutes. If 2 women are diagnosed with breast cancer then 1 dies because of it.

To help find a solution for catching cancer before it catches you, Pune scientist, Jayant Khandare has developed a diagnostic tool. The test helps to detect the cancer cells in the patient’s bloodstream way ahead it affects the person or spreads. The test is based on Liquid Biopsy Technology also called OncoDiscover.

Source: Actorius

The platform is designed in such a manner that it targets the cancer cells along with rapid isolation and high-imaging of cancer cells. OncoDiscover is a new platform with efficiency to detect the Circulating Tumour Cells (CTC) in peripheral blood of cancer patients.

The test is usually used at defined intervals, keeping in mind the various clinical parameters so that the success of therapy can be easily monitored. When monitoring of CTCs done periodically it helps to detect metastasis much before as compared to the routine imaging tests. This technology is currently undergoing clinical testing and validation.

Source: Economic Times

Khandare, who is also the chief scientific officer at Actorius Innovations and Research Pvt Ltd, states, that test will be introduced in an appropriate phased manner all over the country from September onwards. He also states that this is not the first time that such a platform to detect CTCs have been made. This is the second technology after CellSearch available in the US. CellSearch has approval from the FDA and is available in the US since 2004. It costs somewhere around Rs 84,000 to 1 lakh but is not available in India.

On the other hand, OncoDiscover is prized at a nominal cost of Rs 15,000/-. The concept of CTCs has been around for some time now but if the cost can be reduced then it is going to be of great help to the patients to detect spread as well as relapse.

This is indeed a path-breaking solution for a problem where medical aid can not be afforded by many due to the high cost. Having said that, if you have an idea join us as an Innovation Catalyst at Bots N Brains and visit our problem database to solve as many problems as you can.


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