Indian innovators pave the way for an affordable ventilator

The lethal coronavirus has claimed over 2600 lives in India and affected more than 81,000 people. COVID 19 reports have confirmed that one-third of patients develop severe respiratory problems. Thus, a ventilator becomes one of the most important medical equipment that health professionals need for the treatment of this disease. Another disturbing fact here is that India has only 40,000 ventilators for 1.3 billion people and to prepare for the worst-case, the estimated requirement of ventilators is 80-100 times than the present numbers. With majority of availbale ventilators costing upwards of a few lakh rupees per piece, a more affordable ventilator for Indian masses was much more a necessity.

AgVa to the Rescue

AgVa Healthcare, a Noida based start-up has come out as an outlier in this critical situation and landed a hand to ramp up the production and supply of ventilators in the country.

AgVa ventilator, claims to be the world’s most affordable ventilator, with a unique portability feature. While the traditional ventilators in hospitals are bulky and highly expensive, this innovative ventilator is as small as the size of a toaster and available at a fraction of price than existing ventilators.

Since the start-up is only two years old, they had limited production capacity. Moreover, AgVa Healthcare also faced problems with supply chain, logistics, and manpower due to a nationwide lockdown. One of the biggest passenger carmakers of India, Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) came to rescue and joined hands with AgVa Healthcare. They signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MoU) on March 30 to assist the firm in scaling up their production through MSIL’s experience and knowledge of quality control of higher volumes. With the help of MSIL, their production capacity has been increasing at a rapid rate. Amidst the ongoing pandemic, their production has increased from 500 a month to 10,000. The intent to further take this number to 20,000.

The Inspiration

AgVa ventilators were created specifically to help India’s poor.  Diwakar Vaish and Deepak Agrawal, founders of AgVa Healthcare, are former students of All India Institute for Medical Science (AIIMS), Delhi. They saw people queue up for this life-saving equipment outside the AIIMS campus in 2016. That’s when they recognized the need for a portable and affordable ventilator. In order to keep the cost low, they avoided the use of imported parts. However, they made sure that quality was not compromised.

Portable ventilators with the most advanced features-

Apart from being inexpensive and portable, AgVa ventilators have the following features that make them stand apart from traditional ventilators:

  • They come with a plug and play system. Instead of being on a ventilator bed in hospitals, less critical patients can take this equipment home.
  • Any place can be converted into an ICU as it does not require any other infrastructure.
  • They can run on room air and do not have to rely on medical air.
  • These ventilators have a very strong and user-friendly interface.
  • Its gesture control feature allows anyone to operate it without any significant training. This makes them easily usable by the patient’s relatives at home.
  • They are very light in weight and can be run simply through an android phone.

With all these advanced features, the best part of these ventilators is that they are priced at 1.5 to 2 Lakhs and conventional ventilators cost around 4-5 Lakhs

A boon for India-

AgVa the world’s most affordable ventilators comes in 8 different models designed for various health conditions of patients. Their latest model, AgVa Advanced is the single most powerful and cost-effective model that works entirely on COVID patients. They have made further improvisation in the model by incorporating a patent-pending negative ion generator. This helps in inactivating the virus which is further collected at the expiratory end to avoid contamination in the environment.

Road ahead-

The firm had already received orders of over 50,000 ventilators from across the world but they had to cancel them due to a ban on the export of medical equipment. They are now using their resources efficiently with the help of MSIL to meet the requirements of ventilators in various states of India. MSIL Chairman R.C. Bhargava said that AgVa Healthcare has the potential to become one of the top manufacturers of ventilators in the world because it has come up with a quality product with unique and advanced features at a low price.


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