AI-Enabled Electric Bike – RV400

Technology is evolving, and so are our devices. Artificial intelligence has given us smartwatch, smart television, and whatnot. But being a passionate rider, all I was looking bike. Guess what, Gurugram based Revolt Intellicorp Pvt Ltd came up with Revolt RV 400. It is an AI-enabled electric bike.

Models of the bike: The electric motorcycle comes in two model – RV400 the premium model and RV300 the basic model.

Specifications of the bike: RV 400 uses a Lithium-Ion battery which has a power of 3.24 KWh. When completely charged, it can travel up to 150kms. It takes 4.5 hours for the battery to charge completely. The top speed of the motorcycle is 85km/hr. It has CBS braking system and an adjustable mono-shock.

RV400 has a ground clearance of 215mm. The accessories offered by the motorcycle includes connected helmet in partnership with Google. It enables the voice command – “Revolt Start,” which starts the bike.

Revolt RV 300 also uses Lithium-Ion battery which has a power of 2.7KWh. It has a top speed of 65km/hr. The battery used in both the model is waterproof, shockproof, damage-proof, and robust under all weather conditions.

Features of the bike?

  1. Just a swipe to turn on or turn off the motorcycle
  2. Check the history of your rides, the route taken, and the number of kilometres travelled through the motorcycle
  3. Monitor the battery usage of the motorcycle
  4. Track the location of the motorcycle at any time
  5. Assemble an alarm in the bike to make it theft-proof
  6. Will to choose four different exhaust sounds, and more can be downloaded via an app
  7. Get your battery swap at nearby stations in case it gets discharged. The app will help you in locating the nearest swap station

Electric motorbikes have many advantages. First and foremost is from the perspective of the environment. The usage of electric bikes creates no pollution. These bikes are eco-friendly. Apart from that, these bikes are economical as well. The price of petrol is rising, and we need a substitute for it. Electricity is the best alternative other than solar energy.

We encourage startups and corporate firms to come up with technologies to tackle the environmental as well as economic issues for the citizens. We look forward to many more innovations.

What are your views on RV400 and RV300? We would love to hear you out. Do share with us on Bots ‘N Brains


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