Albela Gift From The Seniors!

Seniors and juniors in the college always share a special relationship. It starts from the very first day of introduction to the last day of farewell. We all have received help from our seniors and have also assisted our juniors in many ways. But have any senior made a mobile application for you?

Allow me to introduce the AI Chat-bot “ALBELA”. It is designed by the team of post-graduate students and teachers from Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) department of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati. The first-year students of the department are using this application. To be specific, the Chabot has made the life of 850 EEE students simpler.

How is ALBELA helping students at IIT Guwahati?

  • Class details and tutorials

Generally, students hesitate to approach an instructor to inquire about the queries related to the schedule of class, tutorials, and examinations. The Chat-bot can help out students by answering these queries. It helps the students to clear their technical as well as non-technical doubts.

  • Course content queries

The first year is tough, and students are usually confused. They have no idea regarding the books to prefer, the reference books to use, notes, sample questions, etc. The Chatbot has the solution to all these questions.

  • Simple and easy interface

The best way to develop an interest in subjects is when all the concepts are crystal-clear. There must be no space for doubts. The chat-bot has the functionality to address the doubts of the students and help them by clarifying it.

It took seven months for the development of the application. The application has received an overwhelming response from the students. The professors believe that this will be the new learning approach in the future.

The plan for the application is to extend it to biomedical signal processing and electrical machine courses.

Features of ALBELA

  • Lecture Schedule: The time and location of the lecture that will be held as per the registration number fed by the students.
  • Faculty Information: The details like name of the faculty, contact information, and the subject taught by the faculty.
  • Tutorials related concerns: The timing of tutorial and classroom where the tutorial will be held as per the registration number of the students.
  • Examination queries: The chat-bot can answer the syllabus, location, timing, marking scheme of the exam.
  • Knowledge studio: This is useful for answering the technical doubts by extracting the information from notes, textbooks, internet, and databases.

Indeed a great initiative by the students of IIT Guwahati for the students of the college. We encourage other educational institutions to come up with such innovative methods to help out students and make learning fun for them. Our best wishes with the students of IIT Guwahati.

Do you have any idea to help students and make their life simple? Do you support the current education system? We would love to hear out your views!


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