Amazing Indian Innovations

Whenever we talk about innovations we think about other countries. But did you know that there are many innovations which were first done in India? Since Indians are known for their jugaads, many innovations take place on a daily basis. However, some innovations make it big and are used worldwide. Here are some amazing innovations which make us proud!

Ather S340 – India’s First Smart Scooter: Ather S340 was the much-awaited smart scooter which was open for booking on 5th June 2018. Ather is one of its kind with special features. It runs on an IP67 waterproof lithium battery. This enables the scooter to go up to 80 km only in a single charge. The scooter can achieve a top speed of 72 km/h. However, when the speed goes higher the speed comes down. As per Ather, the battery is quite advanced and has a life span of almost 5-6 years and a life of 50,000 km. When charged regularly, only 3 hours are required for the battery to charge fully.

Source: Ather Energy

Bakeys Edible Cutlery: Plastic cutlery is becoming a nuisance and plastic cutlery is not only harmful to us but also to the environment. When plastic is used for food, toxic chemicals leach into the food. To overcome this problem, Narayana Peesapaty owner of Bakeys Edible Cutlery, developed edible cutlery as an alternative to plastic. With this edible cutlery, you can not only eat your food but also gobble the yummy spoon or fork. The cutlery is made with sorghum flour which is blended with wheat and rice. This alternative is healthy for the environment as well as humans. Chemicals, fats, preservatives, artificial colours and milk products are not used. If you don’t want to eat the spoons and forks, within three days they will biodegrade. The cutlery also comes in savoury and sweet varieties.

Source: Bakeys

NETRA – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: This unmanned aerial vehicle is fully autonomous and portable. The drone has the capability to be launched from any confined space. It can also cover an area where human auditory and visual range is limited. NETRA is IP53 certified with protection and target tracking with a zoom-in feature. There are many fail-safe features which allow NETRA to respond intelligently and adapt to any unexpected situation. It is an asset in surveillance, reconnaissance and rescue operations on numerous occasions.

Source: ideaForge

REWIND – Go Tangle Free: Rewind has a mass appeal. It has a unique design with complete utility. Not only this, they are available in different colours, prints and names like Peace, Limerick and Tangerine. Well, here we are talking about earphones. Often the earphones get entangled and one has to work hard to detangle them. However, Rewind is the first earphone tangler which is innovated and made in India. Witworks team, the creator of the Rewind, were funded by the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, for the same.

Source: Amazon

Rewind starts at a range of Rs 170/- and comes with exciting features like:

No More Tangles: The sleek design prevents your earphone cords from getting entangled and doubles up as a unique wearable accessory.

Universal Fit: Optimally designed channels based on extensive research allows for it to fit earphones of various makes.

Sensible Ergo Design: The form, material and specifications for Rewind have been finalized based on user behaviour, giving it just the perfect shape, size & weight.

Colour Options: Choose your style from the four colour variants Picton Blue, Limerick Green, Tangerine Orange & Pure White, with select printed design options within these.

Source: Amazon

NEYYA – Wear The World: Fin Robotics, a start-up from Kerala, has given India a new dimension in terms of global wearables. They launched the Neyya or the Fin ring in 2015. When the idea was in inception it was just supposed to be an optical device which would turn the hand into a tap and swipe interface. However, with enhanced technology, the Fin was given a new name – Neyya.

Neyya, a Bluetooth ring, comes with the ability to control devices like laptops, smartphones and televisions with a swipe or a tap. It works on a lithium-ion battery. It can go on standby for almost 10 days. If used regularly it can work for 3 days. The ring is a chunky piece with a touchpad face to enable easy connection with other devices

Source: Wearable Tech Insider

Here is an amazing video of the inventions:

Source: YouTube

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