Baldness – A Modern Nightmare

We all love long and smooth hair and we are attached to them in one way or the other. And losing them can impact you in different ways. This includes depression and anxiety. And the number of people suffering from this problem is around 35 million men and 21 million women. People lose more hair than they thought they will. The problem for men is much worse as it also affects their dating life. Almost 75% of women don’t like to date bald men.

Hair loss is something which is not directly related to any particular medical condition and there are various reasons why we lose our hair:

•    Emotional and Physical Stress

•    Pregnancy

•    Too much Vitamin A

•    Lack of Protein

•     Hypothyroidism

•    Autoimmune-related hair loss

•    Over styling

•    Anabolic steroids
These are a few of the common issues of hair loss apart from Heredity. It’s not like that we don’t have any solution to slow down the process of hair fall and make them regrow. But the issue with the current solutions is that they are expensive, have some sort of side-effect and also not permanent. The medication which is available in the market to slow down the speed of hair fall have some side effect of health and also it will work till you are using them afterword’s you will go to ground zero and again will start to lose hairs. And hair transplant is also not a permanent solution as it depends on person to person and it is also costly.

But the solution which can regrow your hair without affecting your health is still a dream. Last year Manchester university announced that they have found a drug which can promote hair growth when applied to tissue samples in pre-clinical trials. The discovery was accidental as when they were working on a drug which is used to suppress the immune system after transplant so that the body doesn’t reject the organ transplanted. It also enhances the hair growth but the issue is you don’t want to suppress the immune system. So they figured out what was the reason and after research, it was shown that the drug targeted a protein called SFRP1, which affects follicle growth.

Now this project has been taken by an Italian pharmaceutical company and they are working on it. The bottom line is that keep working and exploring new things. You may find a blessing in disguise and which can change the life of millions. And who knows tomorrow we may find a solution which can prevent hair fall without any side effects

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