Bullet Santi – A Bike With a Purpose

For many farmers across India, one of the biggest challenges they face is the availability of bullocks for farming purposes, mainly ploughing. Same was the case with Mansukhbhai Jagani, a farmer from Amreli province in Gujarat. He was also looking for alternatives to bullocks as the water was scarce and fodder became extremely expensive. Even though he has only studied till class V, he has had a fascination towards all things mechanical.

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The idea of Bullet Santi came to him from the 3-wheeler Chhakdas, modified a bullet his friend owned and named it Bullet Santi. Santi means plough in Gujarat. Since then it has become very popular among farmers in Gujarat and he has even set up a mechanical shop to repair and remodel vehicles into Bullet Santi.

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According to Jagani, Bullet Santi cuts down expenses by a massive 40%. Moreover, you only have to fuel the vehicles when in use, as compared to bullocks which have to be fed daily throughout the year. To make Bullet Santi, Jagani re-fitted the bike with an attachment with two extra wheels at the back and a toolbar to fit various farming equipment. This vehicle comes in handy for ploughing, weeding, sowing seeds etc. mainly is sandy and sandy loam soils. He just didn’t innovate to solve a problem, but also inspired others to take up a similar cause to eradicate problems. Now there are as many as 500 workshops, which are used to make agriculture products, by making and repairing Bullet Santi to meet the ever-increasing demand in the region.

Santi is economic and useful in multiple ways, it can plough one acre of land in less than half hour with just 2 litres of diesel. Moreover, it can sow 20 bighas of land using just 0.25 litres of diesel. As far as farmers in Gujarat are considered, there are no alternatives to this kind of benefits.

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This innovation has bought in a lot of recognition for Jagani and Santi secured second place in the annual competition for honouring Grassroot innovations conducted by the National Innovation Foundation in 2000. Also, it has been on display at various exhibitions across the world including the exhibition at South Africa organised by the Department of Small, Medium & Micro Enterprises (SMME) of the Northern Provinces jointly with Commonwealth Science Council (CSC), London, in June 2002.

The cost of assembling a Santi is Rs. 40000 which is equal to buying two healthy bullocks and its day to day maintenance costs are very less. The innovation done by Jagani is an example that hard work and quick thinking is all that is needed to improve your destiny and bring you success and fame. He was neither well-educated nor a rich person yet he proved to the world that even he can innovate.

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Each one has a Jagani in our minds, all we need to do it find our passion and try to improve it. We can achieve great things and even our most simple innovations can lead to being great inventions that change the lives of many of our countrymen.

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