Chill your beverages anytime anywhere.

Cold drinks and beverages are a very important part of holiday trips. Be it a family trip or a solo trip. The most important part of the trip is having your chilled beverage or a cold drink under the shade of a tree, where you can keep all of your worries aside and just enjoy that moment. That’s how an ideal holiday break looks like. Where you don’t need to worry about your beverages and cold drinks whether it is chilled or not. Because by that time you would have a mini fridge with an instant cooling feature in it.

There are many ways to chill your cold drinks and beverages. For instance, if we see the traditional chilling process it will have some 3-4 steps

Step 1: Dump a good amount of ice in the bucket or container.

Step 2: Pour some cold water over ice (water and ice together cool drinks faster than ice).

Step 3: Apply some salt over the ice (salt lower’s the freezing point of water).

Step 4: Wait for some minutes so that it could chill your drinks effectively.

In this above traditional method, we can see that there are a lot of utilities associated with the process. And carrying those utilities during your holiday trip could be very boring as well as a burden for extra baggage.

What if such extra baggage is no more required? You can have your own fully functional mini fridge at your trip location which can be carried anywhere you want. This way you could be able to chill your drinks and beverages at any instant. You don’t have to search for the shops nearby for chilled drinks anymore.

There are varieties of portable fridge offered in the market. Some of them are Igloo Refrigerator, Outdoor Drink Cooler, Auto Refrigerator, Beach cooler, Swift chill and many more.

Among them, Swift Chill is the most efficient portable refrigerator as of now due to the features that it offers. It has an instant chilling process, do not require any ice, continuous chilling and of course very much portable. But the main shortcoming of this product is that it has a very low storage capacity. It has a capacity of 2-500 ml cans and 1-1000 ml bottle at a time.

So here we could see that there exist many solutions for a particular problem but around those solutions. There are some shortcomings too. What if those shortcomings can be fulfilled? Say in case of Swift Chill its storage capacity is increased without changing its other parameters (weight, energy consumption, portability). Such kind of Innovation is required to make a product better.

So if you think that a problem is equal to an opportunity and you have that positivity of creating a problem into opportunity around you then join us as an Innovation Catalyst at Bot ‘N Brains.

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