Cleanse Right, A Device by IIT Girls to Reduce Biomedical Waste Created by Sanitary Pads

India has approximately 336 million menstruating women and girls. Out of these 121 million use disposable pads. Further, 48% and 77% of rural and urban women use sanitary pads, respectively. This accounts for almost 423 million pads being used every year.

The concern here is not the use of sanitary pads, but the amount of biomedical waste it generates each year. We are all aware that these pads are plastic and have a non-biodegradable element. This element can take almost 800 years to decompose and degrade. These further degrade into smaller pieces which are equally harmful. We think that the pad has disappeared but no, it degrades into smaller pieces of plastic which may ultimately land into the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. Thus, our ‘sanitary footprint will stay even when we are not alive!’

Source: The Quint Fit (Rahul Gupta/FIT)

Keeping the need for creating a safe method to reduce the carbon footprint created by the sanitary pads, two girls from IIT Bombay and Goa have come up with a simple device. They have named the device ‘Cleanse Right’ which can clean reusable sanitary pads. It is quite affordable at the cost of around Rupees 1,500. They have also filed for a patent for their innovation.

Source: India Today

How does Cleanse Right Work

Cleanse right is a very simple device and does not need electricity for its operation. It is installed with a pedal-operated plunger which moves up and down within a chamber that is filled with water. Going forward, the plungers squeeze out all the menstrual blood from the cloth. While doing so total care of hygiene is kept in mind. Also, the device can be used for washing baby clothes where hygiene is of utmost concern.

Aishwarya Agarwal from IIT Bombay and Devyani Maladkar from IIT Goa teamed up for the “Invent@IITGN”, a six-week-long summer programme at IIT Gandhinagar. Here the duo displayed their device and in turn, were appreciated by all for the same.

The talented duo saw a prevalent problem and took a solution for the same. Similarly, our country has many such problems which need apt solutions. If you think you have a solution for a problem and want to solve it then join us at Bots ‘N Brains and let us know your story. We would be happy to be a part of it!


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