Dewdrop, A Bottle which Never Runs Out of Clean Water

Clean water and air are basic human requirements. Many countries are suffering from water crisis leaving them to fight for water on a day to day basis. The condition in India is no less and this is pretty evident during the hot summer months when the earth is parched. Moreover, the constant power cuts fail to provide clean water for drinking as well. This also affects agricultural activities as well. This, in turn, affects the food supply chain Thereby affecting the GDP of the country.

As per the NITI Aayog report, the water crisis is going to be worse in the coming years. It is believed that 21 cities will run out of groundwater by 2020. There will be an increased risk of water deficiency by 2030, further reducing the country’s GDP by 6%.

With the growing water problem, a young inventor, Jawwad Patel drew some inspiration and put down a solution on a piece of paper. Being at the crossroads of technology and advancements, Jawwad took it into his hands to fight the problem. After many trials and a lot of mathematics he finally saw the silver lining and his self-filling water apparatus came into existence.

Jawwad Patel, a Social Innovator and Research Scientist was passionate about electronics from a very early age, his parents supported him in setting up a lab at home. The first time he felt the need for setting up a device for clean drinking water was when he Latur, where people did not have clean drinking water.  He started working on this problem and came up with the idea of a bottle which can extract water from the air around us. He developed the working prototype and named it ‘Dewdrop’.

Image courtesy: Jawwad Patel

The idea behind Dewdrop is that is condensation can be induced artificially, then vapours produce in the atmosphere can be captured and turned into liquid. This indeed is an unexploited and a safe source of drinking water to help people across the world.

Dewdrop works with a 12V 600mAh Li-Ion battery. It is ultralight thus making it portable. It can also be recharged at any power outlet or any solar device as well. Being light and compact it is not devoid of the latest technology as it works with the help of a computerised sensor interface and UV filters. It also has features to sync parameters like temperature, humidity, lux levels and dew point. These parameters help to produce water which is safe to drink. Its safety is taken care of by the UV lamp fixtures which help in killing any bacteria if found in the water. It also has a feature of allowing the user to set their preference for the required temperature.

So next time around you go hiking and don’t have access to clean drinking water, remember to carry the Dewdrop. It is smart, easy to plug and it fills and refills itself with clean drinking water.

Anyone with zeal can solve a problem like this young boy. Things you need are knowledge, skills and guidance from experts. India is facing thousands of problems today and you can be the one who can solve a problem in your respective fields and contribute to make India a better country. If he can, you too can!!!

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