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Disruptions from Russians!

Russia takes pride in its culture and the creative, talented citizens of it. Let us explore the seven best gifts of Russia to the world.


The helicopter is one of the most important inventions in the aviation industry. It can do things that aeroplanes cannot. It can move up and down. It can take off or land without a runway. Flying backwards or sideways can be done via helicopter. All thanks to the Russian inventor Igor Sikorsky for his contribution in the making of the helicopter.


The transformer is a super handy compact device. It takes power in thousands of volts and converts it into electricity which we consume for our machines. Every power conversion scheme needs a transformer. Russian electrical engineer Pavel Yablochkov is the man behind the invention of the transformer. The transformer is widely used in the electronics and construction sector.

Synthetic Rubber

Synthetic rubber has properties similar to natural rubber. It is used in making seals and insulations. Many of the medical devices use synthetic rubber. Production of rocket propellants needs synthetic rubber. Russian chemist Sergei Lebedev brought the first synthetic rubber into existence. Right from the skipping rope, you use to slippers you wear, synthetic rubber has got its use everywhere.

Grain Harvester

India is agricultural land, and we realize the importance of harvesting. The Russian man Andrei Vlasenko invented the world’s first grain harvester in 1868. He named it as “reaper-thrasher” when he created it. The harvester was powered by three horses and can accommodate 20 people in it. Later, Americans used his idea, refined it, and brought it out in the market for commercial purposes.

Petrol Cracking

Cracking is an essential step in oil refining. It is a process in which long-chain hydrocarbons are broken down to produce lighter products and gases. The process allows petrol to be delivered from high temperature boiling fractions of oil. Russian engineer Vladimir Shukhov created the first industrial cracking unit in 1981

The Periodic Table

We all have learned the periodic table in our secondary education. It has a significant role to play in Chemistry. It has a list of all the elements present in the world. Russian chemist and scientist Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev brought the table into existence. Mendeleev also discovered the periodic law which states that the properties of the elements are periodic functions of their atomic numbers.

The Backpack Parachute

The invention of the parachute has the contribution of a few different people, which also includes a Russian in it. The credit of the design of the first parachute does to Sebastien Lenormand in 1783. A few hundred years later, Leonardo da Vinci created the parachute. Gleb Yevgeniyevich Kotelnikov created the design of first knapsack parachute. The reason behind this creation was the death of an important Russian pilot due to a plane crash. He created a parachute that could be used in case of an emergency landing. Russia used his parachute in World War 1


Russians have blessed us with many important inventions. To look at what our great Indian minds are up to on Bots ‘N Brains.


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