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Does your wall talk? Mine does!

My four year old drew a beautiful sketch of nature. The painting had the Sun, river, birds, and all-natural things a four-year-old can imagine. But what shocked me was his imagination took a whole new turn when he asked me to make the Sun, river, and birds talk. He was too stubborn, and I had to do something to make it work. Now my imagination took a whole new turn when I found out it was possible. Indeed, engineering at its best. Are you curious to know how it is possible?

Electric paints, the paints which have electricity flowing through them. Due to this flow of electricity they can do all that a standard electronic device can do. The wall painted via electric paint can act as a switch with no switchboard, can act as a speaker with no speakers on it. This paint is known as electrically conductive paint produced by London based company Bare Conductive.

How is it possible?

Electric paint uses carbon to conduct electricity. When you apply this paint on the surface, there are lots of particles of carbon in the paint. When the liquid dries, the carbon particles get closer together. When they touch each other, they form a channel over which the electricity can flow. So the paint acts as a conductor and can replace devices which also allow the flow of electricity. This is how it works

Where can I apply this paint?

The paint can be applied on almost any surface, namely paper, wood, plastic, glass, etc. The only surface where it cannot be used is on really shiny plastics. Also, the paint cannot be applied to plastics which are hydrophobic like polypropylene. The reason is quite logical. The electric paint is water-based, and the plastic being hydrophobic, the paint does not stick very well. The paint peels off from such surface.

Image Courtesy: EE Times

What voltage of current does the paint carry?

The thicker the surface of paint applied on the wall, the higher the current carried in it. The thickness of the paint is directly proportional to the amount of current taken via it.

How does it work?

Step 1: Electric paint is used in the circuit design of the circuit board.

Step 2: The circuit is connected to the computer or the switch.

Step 3: The paint acts as a sensor for the device. When you hover your hand over the paint, the sensor is activate

Step 4: Once the sensor is activated, you can use it in any application like switching on the bulb or making the poster talk to you.

Where can I get this?

You can get it delivered at your doorstep via the e-commerce web site. 50ml of the product will cost you around two thousand five hundred rupees.


So next time someone asks you to make your poster talk or make an interactive surface, you know what the answer is.


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