Doze off with Dozee!

Our generation has a sedentary lifestyle. We have irregular sleeping patterns and eat a lot of junk food. Many of us do not exercise and lead a stressful life. All these thoughts are really scary. The fear that the health may take a toll when sleeping keeps one awake at night. Well, it is time to thank the IIT graduates for helping you out with nostalgia.

The team of IIT graduates has developed a device called Dozee which can be placed under the mattress to detect indicators like heart health, sleep, stress and respiration. It is an artificial intelligence-powered sensor sheet cum device. This device works on the technology known as Ballistocardiography (BCG). The technology measures the movement of the heart. The beauty of the invention lies in the fact that it has an accuracy of 98.4 per cent in measuring heartbeats and respiration.

Image Courtesy: OneIndia

The device has the potential to detect the health conditions before the occurrence of the symptoms. It can predict issues ranging from fever to heart failure. The AI engine in the device performs risk analysis on an individual’s health to analyze changes in the health from the threshold level. This device consists of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) based vibroacoustic sensors. Along with it, the device also comes with data accumulation and communication unit, cloud software and mobile phone and web apps.

The Dozee sensor sheet records the micro-vibrations which are produced by the body when the heart pumps the blood. These vibrations are also generated while inhalation, exhalation, muscle twitches, tremors or body movements. These vibrations or signals are converted into bio-makers. The conversion happens because of the AI algorithms. These bio-makers cover heart rate, respiration rate, different stages of the sleep, episodes of apnea and heart rate variability.

The information in bio-markers is then sent to the cloud servers. The users, caretakers and doctors can access this information via mobile phone app and web-apps. It also notifies the users, caretakers and doctors when some severe signs are shown by the person using the device.

If you are wondering whether the device is suitable for your mattress, then here is what has to be checked. The device works for all mattresses having thickness up to 18 inches. It can be shared by multiple persons who are using the bed. Also, you need not worry about charging the device. It is a good deal when you compare it to other medical devices in the market. Many of the health devices demand to be worn all the time. This is not the case with Dozee.

Dozee does not require one to have technical expertise for its installation. It is built for home settings and provides an excellent remote monitoring service. This monitoring can be used by the medical staff to take the decision in a speedy way and also remotely.

We look forward to much more innovation from the IIT graduates in the field of medical sciences. Do you plan to use this device? We would love to hear your views at Bots ‘N Brains!


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