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Have you ever washed clothes? Though a weird question to ask, trust me, it is essential. Well, if you have, then you might have experienced the amount of water consumed in washing clothes. Whether you go for a washing machine or hand washing, a lot of water gets consumed and wasted respectively. Apart from the wastage of water, there is also wastage of electricity. What if you were in a place which has power and water scarcity?

Yirego, a Toronto based startup, came up with an innovative product Drumi. It is a foot-powered washing machine which does not require electricity. As far as the usage of water is concerned, it is minimal. The best part is it is portable. So the place we were talking about, you know what to carry along.

Source: Digital Trends

How does Drumi work?

The first thing to do is to add the clothes to the drum of the Drumi. Fill the drum to the point it is half or three-quarters full. The glass of the Drumi has markings which tell you about the capacity of the drum. You then pour the water into the drum and latch the cover to seal it right after. Make sure you pour only five litres of water. Once you are done with this, add the detergent or fabric softener or bleach into the opening in the cover. Finally, you put the glass lid on top.

Pump the pedal for the first two minutes and release the soapy water through the spindle in the back. Add another 5 litres of water and pump the pedal for the next two minutes. Continue the same process which you did earlier — pump one last time for one minute to finish off the cycle and then remove the clothes. You are good to go with your washed clothes.

Comparison between the washing machine and Drumi

According to the study of Yirego, washing machine consumes about 14 gallons (50 litres) of water per cycle. On the contrary, Drumi consumes 10 litres of water. Old models of washing machine consumed 27 gallons (102 litres) of water.

The washing machine needs electricity to function. It is not important or not at all necessary for Drumi. Thereby Drumi saves energy if put to work regularly making it an environment-friendly technology. 

From the perspective of health, use of Drumi can lower the count of carbon footprint in the person up to 10 pounds.

The only thing which I find problematic is the drainage of water through the Drumi. It is difficult to use inside the apartment and the condos. Hope the designers look into this factor.

We look forward to many more eco-friendly innovations. Are you for using it? We would love to hear you out.


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