Economical and Sustainable Innovations by IITians

Our country is often known for the very many ‘jugaads’ people do. These jugaads may not be as big as inventions but people do know how to make things work and simplify them. The quote, “Necessity is the mother of invention“, is really true for Indians. When they see a problem they work towards an idea to find a solution.

However, people have started recognising some of the inventions. Many inventions are daily performed in the prestigious engineering colleges like The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). The institutes under this umbrella are recognised centres for academic excellence in the fields of technology and science.

IITs are known to produce great students. However, off late, the students have started inventing solutions for the day to day problems they observe in the country. These solutions, in turn, help to build a better society and a future.

Here are some cost-effective and economical innovations by the students of IIT:

Passive Solar Water Wall

In 2017, Sahashranshu Maurya and Somrup Chakraborty, students from IIT-Kharagpur came up with the idea of an economical replacement for the existing air conditioners.

The ‘Passive Solar Water Wall’ is eco-friendly and works with a water tank which has a high surface area inserted into the walls. This further allows maximum air to come in contact with the walls of the tank. This air rapidly cools down thus leading to a decrease in the surrounding areas.

Source: OneIndia

Jamun Seeds for Drinking Water Purification

In 2017, the students of IIT Hyderabad came up with an innovation of cost-effective water purifier. Their invention was both sustainable and different. They used activated carbon from Jamun Seeds. The powder from the seeds was used to reduce fluoride levels acceptable by the WHO in the drinking water. Must say a unique way to use the seeds which would otherwise end up in the dustbins.

Source: The Better India

Parichaya, A Device to Beat Tuberculosis

Himanshu Seth, from IIT Guwahati, developed a cost-effective medical kit which not only dispenses medicines for TB but also educates them.

The device named Parichay is touch-responsive audio and visual interference. When it dispenses the medicine the patient can hear an audio clip on why it is important for them to take the medication. The Government has come up with many ways to fight TB but all of these are for tracking and not awareness.

When the TB medication is given by doctors, they usually wait for 5-6 minutes between each medicine to rule the side effects. Parichay uses these 5-6 minutes to educate the patient with around 14 segments of information. Each treatment session has a disc.

Source: Telegraph India

Dirt Detector 

Young minds at IIT Kharagpur came up with a cost-effective innovation to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in public places.

The device, Dirt Detector, is sustainable and can be installed at places where hygiene is of utmost concern. It works via sensors which are capable of recording carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, particulate matter and volatile organic compounds. It sends messages and alerts when the defined limit is crossed.

Source: Swachh India. NDTV

Portable CPR Machine

Recently, Kratika Bhagtani and Karthik Karvaje from IIT Gandhinagar invented the Portable CPR machine. This CPR device is light, portable, sustainable and cost-effective. The device is capable of performing compressions, ventilations, maintaining an open airway in patients with heart problems. Also, it can save people from a sudden cardiac arrest.

Source: Money Control

The young minds are doing wonders with such innovations. These are economical and very helpful against the problems faced on a day to day basis. If you have an idea and want to give it wings then share it with us at Bots ‘N Brains and be the change you want to create!


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