Elderly can Actually Save Their Lives During A Fall With This Wearable “Airbag”​

As of July 2019, India has a population of over 1 billion people being the second most populated country after China. Out of this, the number of people above 60 years is almost 76.6 million. This constitutes around 7.7% of the total population. It is believed that by the year 2015, the population of the people above 60 is going to rise by 20%. There is going to be a time when there will be more people above 60 years and less below 15 years.

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Though the credit of this goes towards good health and other factors, there are still many problems which the people of this segment face. People are slowly and steadily learning to deal with the many cultural, social problems along with psychological and medical issues. However, one such issue which needs to be addressed is the major or frequent falls which are very common with the elderly. These are often considered and Geriatric Giants.

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Recently, a company in China came up with belts which prevents major accidents when the elderly fall. The belt is inflatable and when the person wearing it falls suddenly, it inflates, thereby protecting the person from major injuries.

How does the Belt or the Wearable Airbag Work?

This belt works on the same model on which the airbag of the car works. These wearable airbags make use of the micro-gyroscope which detects the exact angle and the speed of the fall. When this is calculated a microprocessor triggers the airbag which in turn inflates within 0.18 seconds.

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The wearable airbag, created by Suzhou Yidaibao Intelligent Technology, has a vast experience in creating airbags for cars. The creation of the belt was an innovative product made while keeping in mind the elderly population of the country.

While developing the belt, the company focused on two main problems. They were:

  • Judging the person’s posture and the detection of the fall
  • The inflation of the airbag is to be as fast so as to protect the person prior to the impact on the ground at around 0.3 seconds

After steady tests and appropriate measures, the company was successful in overcoming both the focus points. Post this the smart wearable airbag was introduced which is capable of detecting a fall in any direction and just takes a minimum of 0.18 seconds to inflate.

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Even we in India can come up with such solutions to the many problems we face. Having said that, if you have an idea join us as an Innovation Catalyst at Bots N Brains and visit our problem database to solve as many problems as you can.


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