Emotions for promotions!

 We live in a complex world, have a complex thought process and choices. The things which you like today may not hold the same importance for you tomorrow. The perspective you have today about a particular situation might not be the same tomorrow. Well, the thing is the same, but what has made the difference. Marketers face a hard time because of these changes in the behavior of the customers. What has changed the mindset of the users? 

We all have heard a lot about intelligent quotient. But there is also a different quotient which has helped many firms decipher the behavior of customers. Well, it is emotional quotient. The emotions of a person, the functioning of the person, response to a particular advertisement, etc. is being used by Entropitech, a EmotionAI startup to understand its effect on the choices made by people.  Our brain has two parts. The conventional methods of marketing like doing surveys, talking to customers, etc. focus on the conscious part of the brain. The sub-conscious mind is never tapped where the emotions of consumers are triggered. That’s where Entropitech comes into the picture. 

What is EmotionAI?

The use of artificial intelligence to decode the emotional response of the customer is EmotionAI. Research has been conducted to study the importance of emotions in decision making. The result of the studies states that people rely heavily on emotions. The AI platform of Entropik uses the technologies like brainwave mapping, facial coding, and tracking of the eye when the users watch an advertisement, purchase, or experience a product. 

How does Entropitech do it?

The process starts with selecting a particular group of people for the specific brand whose EmotionAI is to be tested. The real-time platform monitors the neural responses, facial expressions, and the eye movements of each user. The emotion analytics is tracked every second on the dashboard. The observations on the neural response of the user to the advertisement is recorded. 

 The data recorded is studied to understand at what instant in the advertisement the customer connects with it. The elements of the product that resonate with the audience and those that do not. This helps the brand to understand what exactly triggers the customer emotions. This gives brands an ample amount of knowledge of the sub-conscious emotional behavior of the customer. They make the changes before the launch and are thus useful to go.

What are the products of Entropitech?

Affect Lab and Chromo are two product of Entropitech. Affect Lab help brands to capture behavioral patterns such as appreciation, attention, attentiveness along with cognitive properties like boredom, happiness, etc. Chromo is a touch-based emotion recognition software whose patent is in pending stage. 


The startup aims to expand its business across the middle east and southeast Asia.  Leverage the use of EmotionAI when you are planning to launch a product in the future. 

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Image Courtesy: Analytics India Magazine

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