Farming with no Land!

The conventional method of farming has got some shortcomings. Land requirement is a must. With a growing population, we are facing a shortage of land. The climate is the major factor which decides the yield from the land. Apart from climate, water to has got a major role in deciding the production of crops. Unfortunately, we have been facing water crisis for a long time. Many of us have no knowledge of pesticides and insecticides, which makes it difficult for us to provide proper safety to the plants. Also, weed removal is one time-consuming task for us.

What if I have something which will solve all the above-mentioned problems and give you better output? Allow me to introduce the farming of the future – Hydroponic farming. This kind of farming is done when the land is limited, doesn’t exist or is heavily contaminated. The effect of climate and water shortage is minimal. In fact, it uses 10% of the water in comparison to the quantity of water used in conventional farming. Since the use of land is limited, the weeds, pests and other plant disease have fewer roles to play. This also reduces the consumption of insecticides and pesticides.

Let us have a look at some of the startups which are involved in hydroponic farming.

Acqua Farms, Chennai

The founder of Acqua Farms, Mr Rahul Dhoka, grows over 6000 plants in just 80 sq. ft. of space. He grows plenty of green leafy vegetables and herbs. In fact, he grows these vegetables using planters made of PVC pipes. Acqua Farms also sell hydroponics starter kits for those who are interested in this technology. The startup has a subscription-based service for the rookie hydroponics enthusiasts.

Source: Facebook

Letcetra Agritech, Goa

Letcetra Agritech is a hydroponics farm which gives yield 20-30 per cent higher on quality than traditional agriculture provides. It occupies 150 square meters of space and grows three tonnes of lettuce a month. This was the reason behind naming the firm Letcetra, the derivative of lettuce. If you have land and want to start farming on it, Letcetra can help you out. It offers commercial hydroponic system design, operations and maintenance solutions for your land.

Source: Facebook

BitMantis Innovations, Bengaluru

BitMantis has used the Internet of Things solution GreenSAGE (Smart Automated Grow Environment) to help individuals and commercial growers to produce herbs throughout the year. This solution is the best catch for users who have no prior knowledge of growing herbs and vegetables. GreenSAGE takes care of monitoring and control of nutrients, light and other critical factors required in the life cycle of plant growth.

Source: BitMantis

Future Farms, Chennai

Future farms grow 16 varieties of crops across 15 acres of land spread over ten states. It provides farming kits to encourage hydroponics farming. The startup recorded $1 million turns over last year. The focus of future farms is mostly on leafy vegetables. It has plans to expand its farms in India and abroad.

Source: Future Farms

India’s population is projected to rise to 1.51 billion by 2030. India will not be able to meet 41% of its total food demand. 30% of the land and water demand will not be met by 2030. Hydroponics is the approach one needs at this hour. What are your views about it? Do let us know on Bots ‘N Brains!

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