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Imagine the last time you went for flat hunting. I am sure the parameters like proper ventilation, floor area, the floor of the flat, etc. might have been essential to decide. Majority of us think that these points make society and flat a desirable one. Well if that is the case with you; allow me to share the functioning of Palash Co-Operative Housing society from Pune. Spoiler alert, views might change the criteria of judging society. Read at your own risk!

Jokes apart, Palash Housing society is a perfect example of an eco-friendly community having sustainable homes. When the concept of eco-friendliness was not known to many of us, then, the society embraced it with open hands.

If you think installing windmills and solar panels are what makes an environment eco-friendly, well then the article is a perfect read for you.

Electricity: Society has twelve windmills and several solar panels. The renewable electricity generated by the mills and 66-kilowatt worth solar panels is used to light all the common places in society. By the way, the society is spread across 4 acres of land.

Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times

No Air-conditioning: The buildings in the society are built with fly ash bricks. Use of fly ash bricks not only helps in resolving the wastage issues but also manages to keep the rooms cooler. As a result, there is no need for air-conditioners, even when the temperature is super-high.

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

Water Preservation: The society has a strength of 295 flats, accommodating 1500+ residents. The taps in the apartment have aerators installed in it. It helps in saving as much as 35,000 to 60,000 litres of water every day. Apart from this, the society also has a 750-litre well which is used for harvesting rain-water. During the monsoons, all the rain-water from the terraces is collected in the well. It is later used for day to day activities.

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Zero-water Car-wash: We all waste litres of water while washing our car. Members of the Palash society use herbal liquid to clean their vehicles instead of gallons of water and chemical soaps.

Image Courtesy: Overdrive. In

Organic Farming: The children in society have an equal contribution to the maintenance of the community. A particular area in society is wholly dedicated to organic farming. This area is managed exclusively by the children of the society.

Image Courtesy: The Better India

Waste Management: The members of the society strictly monitor their waste and segregate into three types- wet, dry and hazardous. The wet waste is converted into compost in a time-span of 25 days. Annually, the society generates around 5 tons of fertilizer. Out of these 5 tons, 1.5 tons is utilized by the members for their garden. The remaining is distributed to the needy farmers at no cost.

Image Courtesy: The Better India

Indeed, Palash housing society is an inspiration for all of us. Let us strive hard to bring such modifications in our community and live green. Are you up for it? We would love to hear your views on your initiatives to make your society eco-friendly.


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