Fog Vision System for Roads & Rails

In the month of January 2019, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has warned that dense to very dense fog could cover the Delhi city almost every morning over the next few days and cold wave conditions may return as the minimum temperature is expected to drop to around 4 degrees Celsius again. If the visibility ranges between 50 metres and 200 metres, the IMD declares it as dense fog. If it drops below 50m, it is very dense fog.

The IMD has also provided with all India weather summary and forecast bulletin which provides us information about various weather conditions namely Heavy Rain, Heavy Snow, Thunderstorm, Dust Strom, Strong Winds, Visibility, Cyclone, etc.

In India, we have millions of vehicles running on the roads and thousands of trains carrying passengers to their respective destinations on a daily basis. As per news report by The Times Of India dated on 5th January 2019, over 10,000 lives lost in fog-related road crashes. In the past four years, fog-related road fatalities in India have risen almost 100 percent.

On the other hand, the trains are facing issues of collisions, derailment, and delays due to foggy conditions. This not only affects losses in financial terms due to delays but also we have lost many good souls of India because of collisions and derailments. Derailments are mostly caused by “rail fractures” during extreme summer and foggy winter conditions on account of the expansion or contraction of tracks.

The Indian government has also taken this issue seriously and proposed the project on their site. There are multiple factors and requirements that need to be considered before working on this project. Already, the solution is available in the international market but the import of such a device is exempted (reasons unknown). And some of the foreign companies from Israel, Finland, USA, and Austria have also shown interest in the project named as “Tri-Netra” floated by Indian Railways.

Rather than developing such a fog vision system with the help of foreign companies, what if an Indian company (which might be founded by you) develops a system which can enable drivers, both cars and trains (design and specifications might be different), to see a long upfront distance through the invisible conditions during nights, winter season and rainy season. This will not only help our drivers but also many lives can be saved.

Your thoughts and actions would solve a major problem faced by us and our drivers on roads and rails in different seasons and nights. Also, the financial losses due to such accidents and incidents can be prevented. The price for a fog vision system of the car ranges from $600- 700 online whereas for trains, it is not yet decided. You might be the one who can provide us a desi high-quality vision system at affordable cost and improve our living by adding a safety precaution instrumentation technology to the vehicles.

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