FoodBuddy Helps People without Arms to Eat with Ease

We often see people without arms and wonder how they manage to do their daily chores. An uncle of mine did not have arms. This used to often send me thinking how does he eat and how does he do the rest of his work on his own as we do? Yes, they are dependent on friends and family. Similarly, my uncle’s wife had taken it as her responsibility to feed her husband and also do other chores for him. In a big gathering, we could often see her feeding him first. Only when he was done with his meal would she proceed to eat.

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However, this method of relying on friends and family is not totally foolproof. There may be certain situations when the caretaker may fall ill or may not be available.

To overcome this 2 students from IIT Gandhinagar have come up with a device, the FoodBuddy, which acts as a dining buddy for people with no hands. Chris Francis and Praveen Venkatesh have also filed for a patent for the same. The device shall be priced at a nominal price of 2,000 to 3,000 rupees.

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How does FoodBuddy Work

The device is fitted with a voice-controlled sensor. When the user wishes to take assistance from the device he gives a voice command through Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. Once can directly press the start button as well. Once the device registers the command, it lowers the spoon towards the plate, tilts and rotates it so that the food can be easily scooped. After the spoon is filled with food, it lifts it towards the user’s mouth. This allows the user to eat independently.

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The unique features of the device are that the feeding process can be at any given time paused or resumed. Also, the plate can be rotated independently by the user. Since it uses very little parts as compared to the other similar devices, it is cost-effective.

This is one problem which can even lead to low self-esteem in a person. One who suffers knows the pain attached with it. However, the 2 young boys have managed to find a solution for the same. Hope their solution brings joy and independence to people without hands.

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