Going Solar with ATUM!

India is a fast-growing economy and needs the energy to meet the plans of the country sustainably. But our economy is facing significant hurdles in terms of meeting its energy needs. The increase in energy requirement is not in proportion to the rise in domestic fuel production. On a global level, India is among the top five Green-house-gas (GHG) emitters. Along with the energy crisis, India is also facing issues of poverty.

If you connect the dots, poverty and energy crisis led to a drop in the income of poor people whose business depends on electricity. To tackle this multi-dimensional problem, the founder of Visaka Industries Mr Vamsi Krishna has come up with their breakthrough product in the field of sustainable energy, ATUM. It is an eco-friendly, energy-efficient and energy-generating roofing system which uses solar energy. It serves the purpose of a traditional roof and generates electricity as well.

Features of ATUM

The 7ft * 3ft ATUM rooftop can generate 320W of power. It comes in the form of board and needs to be placed like tiles. This board has a density of 1250 kg/ cubic meters which increases the lifespan of the board. Board is leak-proof, rust-proof and can withstand a load up to 300 kilograms.

Thermal insulation in the ATUM board reduces the temperature by 35-40%. If you have got a roof of larger size, then the ATUM board can be customized to fulfil your requirements.

What makes ATUM stand out?

You might have been irritated by the noise of Galvalume sheet. ATUM sheet generates no noise. It minimizes the effect of heat and rain. There is no formation of rust on the ATUM sheet and needs no insulation mat under the roof. The lifespan of the product is more than 25 years, while that of traditional solar roofing systems is around 10 to 15 years.

ATUM sheets do not have the threat of electric shock and are fire-resistant. It is also made up of non-hazardous materials. The traditional sheets use hazardous material for its production. Such sheets conduct radiations and may cause health hazards.

Impacts of the project

The ATUM powered e-cart system is highly appreciated by the street vendors who sell vegetables, fruits, cooked food and other products. It saves their electricity bill and also helps them to carry out their business during monsoons and summer smoothly. No matter whether it is raining or burning hot, the vendors are always shining.

When ATUM was first launched, it was used in Air India SATS airport in Hyderabad. Electricity generated from ATUM sheets was used to power all the walkway ramps at the airport. Bus and bike stations of the city also used ATUM. ATUM has got its client base in 10 major cities.

Future Outlook

Visaka Industries is excited to achieve the target of generating 50 GW power from the rooftops. We look forward to this day and encourage our readers to leverage solar energy. We would like to know your views on it on Bots’N Brains.


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