Have You Met Jasper, the Bot Who Quenches Thirst by Offering Water

How often do you see bots walking around the city? Not a very common sight … right! But in Mumbai, Jasper the bot is a common site. Last month Jasper surprised passers-by when it offered them water on a hot summer day. The cool blue LED eyed bot hums in a jargon, “Stay hydrated. Beat the heat.” while it is on a spree to serve water.

Image courtesy: The Better India

Well, Jasper is the brainchild of none other than a group of eight teenagers who wanted to make a difference. These teenagers heard about the SP Robotics Makers Lab and social media. They were very inspired by the bot in the US who delivers food. On similar lines, they wanted to do something for their country as well and joined the lab for appropriate training and guidance. At the lab, they were mentored by Anand Mathuria.

Image credits: YouTube

These eight students were high scoring students. After, the training they were selected to make their own bot. While making the bot they were excited and tried to implement all the concepts they had learned. Though they had some challenges but solving them step by step made them feel like winners.

How does Jasper work:

Jasper the six-wheeled bot cranes its neck while looking for people and has LED cool blue eyes, is indeed a pretty vision in Andheri, Mumbai. Jasper is controlled through an android app which has been developed by the students. Students often carry Jasper to an isolated area and from a corner where no one can see them, they operate it. It carries, 50 bottles at a time and with a modulated voice it encourages the passer-by to stay hydrated. These students are also constantly working on upgrading the bot by installing ultrasonic sensors, camera, GPS and Internet of Things.

Similarly, another group of students is working on a traffic controlling bot. This is going to start functiong in Pune and Thane.

These days it is common to see the teenagers glued with their smartphones and television sets. But the group of these 8 teenagers have worked wonders and created a solution for many thirsty people who can get access to clean water easily.

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