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Homes for Post-Global Warming Disaster

When we were small, I remember watching The Flintstones. This animated series was set against the backdrop of the Stone Age and followed the life activities of the Flintstone family. It was quite an interesting series with the Flintstones using a stone bed, stone furniture and even their car was made up of stone wheels and wood.

Then came The Jetsons. This series followed the life of the Jetson family who was quite opposite to the Flintstones. The Jetsons were of the Space Age and had very hi-fi gadgets as per their time. They had capsules, space shuttles, flying cars and robots helping them with their work.

I would often wonder what would happen if the stone age met the space age? How would the people react at each other’s inventions and technology as per their timezone? But these were just unanswered questions of an imaginary mind.

Well, guess what, now we have a third world … The Waterworld! Shocked! This concept is something like a merger between the Jetsons and the Waterworld.

About 71% of the earth is surrounded by water. Each year with the sea level rising due to the melting of the glaciers the percentage may just keep increasing. This has prompted the young architects to think for innovative floating homes in water. Wow, does this not sound great! Floating Homes

EcoFloLife has come up with the concept of floating homes and trust me they are nowhere close to the houseboats. The WaterNest 100, have been designed by an Italian architect Giancarlo Zema.

Image Source: EcoFloLife

The house is roughly 1,076-square-foot, 12 m in diameter and 4m high. It is made with 98% recyclable aluminium hull. The outer shell is made of laminated timber with an additional layer of 60 sqm photovoltaic panels. This sheet helps in producing energy and also meets the requirements of the house. The curved front of the house helps in ventilation. It has balconies which are located on the sides and the large windows offer a captivating view of the waters. Kitchen and bathrooms have skylights fitted in the wooden roof. This home comes with a smartphone app which monitors its location and battery level.

The interiors of the house have enough space for bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms and dining and living rooms. The interior of the house can be done as per the owner since the house has apt configurations for it to function as a whole sole independent setup in the lap of nature.

The house can be furnished with great designs which are made from recycled products and in turn, are fully recyclable. The company offers contemporary and trendy styles with natural sooting colours, materials and designs.

Source: EcoFloLife

The company also offer options for setting up a WaterNest Village. The village can be set up easily in a linear or radial configuration on calm waters, sea areas, backwaters and lakes to recreate the feel of a floating village. Each home here has enough ventilation and air conditioning that is programmed to consume low energy, thus making it a smart residential society. This definitely seems to be an ideal solution for eco-tourism or a floating resort which is in complete sync with nature.

Image Source: EcoFloLife

Are you amazed at what the architects are upto? Would you like to own a water house? All you have to do is spend $550,000 for a small 645 square foot model and $880,000 for a 1,076 square foot model.

Technology has definitely evolved since the Flintstones first started using a stone car, and the Jetsons flew in their space capsule. I wonder what will happen if the Flintstones, Jetsons and the Waterworld meet? What would their conversation be? Do you have an idea … do let us know on Bots ‘N Brains!

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