How technology helps in maintaining Social Distancing during COVID-19


The corona virus or COVID-19 pandemic has caused a global health crisis of our time and the greatest challenge we have faced since World War II. It has spread at a fast rate all over the globe and has reached each and every corner of the world with India now nearly touching one lac number of positive cases. The COVID-19 virus is transmitted by either respiratory or contact. In order to control the spread of the virus, social distancing is very important. People are identified depending upon various factors such as travel history, areas status, family history, etc and are told to be in quarantine for 14 or 21 days. In order to keep a check on whether this norm is followed or not, there is no social distancing technology available which keeps a check on this.

How to ensure people follow the quarantine rule?

NT discovery has come up with a social distancing innovation which can act as a social distancing management system. The system can ensure that people follow the rules and help India in fighting COVID-19. People who are detected and are told to be on quarantine. In order to keep a check on whether the norms are being followed or not, this innovation for COVID-19 will surely solve the problem.

How does it work?

The quarantined people are given BLE Wristband (image shown below) with a unique BLE ID. It has a seal present with the band and a GPS feature enabled with it. With the help of this innovation, we can keep track of the person and their activities. If they try to remove the wristband, then they will have to break the seal which will trigger an alarm and notify the concerned authority.

The BLE wristband is an innovative technology that will help monitoring social distancing. The wristband is for the quarantined people to flatten the infection curve.

If the person tries to break the norms and goes outside. Then an alarm will be triggered again and the officials will be notified. With the help of live tracking, the contact tracing of persons with whom he/she came in contact with can be easily found out and they can be traced and put into quarantine too. If the person tests positive, then an alert is triggered to nearby vicinity with whom the person had come in contact with and they are requested to check for symptoms.

This is the need of the hour as these people play a very important role in spreading the disease. If we have the mechanism of keeping a check on these individuals, it will really help our country fight against COVID-19 and curb the spread of this disease. Also by tracking such people, we can differentiate people who can be quarantined at home and those against whom actions needs to be taken such that they are kept at a facility center. This will help us control the spread of virus and fight against the same.

The road Ahead:-

NT discovery is working into integrating temperature sensor with the band such that the band can automatically collect temperatures at different time intervals. If the temperature is high for certain amount of days then an alert is triggered for the user as well as the authority to have a checkup for the person. This helps in identifying the persons who are showing the symptoms of coronavirus.

As people go out to buy groceries and essential products, social distancing is not maintained at lot of places. In order to avoid this, NT discovery is working on a service which helps people place an order on their app itself and set the delivery time and get the items delivered.

Another technology they are working on is providing a social distancing score, depending on the user’s past activity and behaviour, a score is allocated to the user. Depending upon the user’s score, he/she can be given the epass to go out for any other activity.

The need of the hour being to minimize the spread of the virus and to track those who are infected. This device helps us to track with whom the positive patients had come in contact with and easily track them. With various future planning in process, it will surely help us in minimizing the spread of virus and allow those who are well to travel freely by showing their score on the app.


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