How Technology is Helping Jewellers Find Gold!

India has got a rich source of mineral resources like iron ore, coal, bauxite, to name a few. But the GDP contribution of these minerals does not justify the potential of these resources. The reason behind this is the lack of research on mineral resources. We are not aware of the presence of mineral resources in many of the places. The adage that only the jeweller knows the right assay of the diamond is perfectly suitable for the startup Minocular.

Minocular, a Raipur based firm, was founded by Mr Mohit Sahu and Mr Puru Agrawal. “Miners know that the mines have mineral and resources, but how to scour them and where and when to dig was something they had no solution for,” says Puru. Minocular understands the value of minerals and it is the jeweller who helps the miners to know the location of minerals. It is leveraging modern technologies like the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and drones to tackle this issue.

Working Model of Minocular

The length of the medium-sized mine is somewhere around 10kms. It is extremely difficult to monitor such lengthy mines using conventional methods. Here is when Minocular equipped with its technologies come into the picture.

Initially, drones mapping is used to generate the 2D and 3D map of the entire mine. It becomes very convenient for the mine manager to check out the entire mine in one screen. After this, quality data is gathered from the mines. The data gathered is imposed on the map generated by the drone. Once this is done, the algorithm designed by Minocular calculates the approximate volume of mineral in the mines. This information is used by the manager of the mine to know the quantity and quality of minerals is present at a particular location.

The Internet of Things sensors connects and collaborates the workforce involved in the mining process. Working of the entire workforce can be seen through the dashboard. All these data and information assists the mining team to decide the location, depth, and timing to perform digging. The dashboard gives real-time monitoring and reporting. Internet of Things sends the alert to the workers. All these technologies work simultaneously in the end to end cycle of the process.

Products of Minocular

Mino Drone: It provides the drone solution for the mining work. It monitors the landscape of the mines and helps in generating the 2D and 3D map of the location. 

Mino Plan: It helps in tracking and measuring the mine or quarry. As the name suggests, it is used in day to day planning of mining operations. 

Mino Fleet: It is used to optimize the mining process and improve the efficiency of the mining operations. 

Mino Alert: It sends the alerts and triggers related to mine fleet like fuel consumption, vehicle idle time, etc.

We sincerely hope that the mineral industry boosts up its contribution to the GDP of the country. Our best wishes with Minocular for their future endeavours. We would love to hear your views about this startup.


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