How the Wireless Electricity Sensing Machine can Avoid Electrical Accidents

Come rains and there is an increase in the accidents which take place due to the exposure to high electricity. Recently, there was a case where a 5-year-old got electrocuted when he touched an electric light pole. The boy remained stuck to the pole for several minutes before being noticed by the residents.

To prevent such accidents, 40-year-old Rishikesh has come up with a device – the Wireless Electricity Sensing Machine. The device is easy to install and can detect electric currents of 11 kV from a distance of 11 meters. The device also cuts down the need to climb up the electric poles as it can sense electric current even in concealed wires.

Image credits: National Innovation Foundation India

Rishikesh, born in a simple farming family was always interested in the how’s and why’s of science. As a child, he would rip open the transistor just to find out how the voice comes. He would meddle with the telephone wires and speakers. During one such experiment, he experienced an electric shock. This made him even more curious and he went on to read electronic books. Later, for the pre-degree program, he opted for science but was disheartened when he came to know that electronics is just a topic in physics. He finally stopped going for classes and dropped out of the program. However, he still had a curious mind and kept doing something or the other.

How did the idea of making a wireless electricity sensing machine come?

Rishikesh’s friend was a lineman with the state electricity board. One day while working on a 22V line (a power which ran through an 11kV feeder line) he experienced a shock and died at the spot. His sudden demise left Rishikesk aghast and then he thought of making a device which could prevent such mishaps.

How does the wireless electricity sensing machine work?

Ideally, small testers are used when detecting current in direct contact with the human body. Rishikesh’s device is light, handheld, portable and compact. The device can be easily fixed at both ends of the electric lines. A receiver is fixed close to the transformer unit while a transmitter is fixed near the end of the line. When there is a change in the current, the receiver will instantly get a signal from the transmitter and the transformer will get disconnected on its own. The setup of the unit costs not more than Rs 5000. This device was invented at such a time when there were many cases of accidents via electrical shock in Kerala. Now the device is tested and certified by the Kerala State Electricity Board and is in full use. After the use of the device, the mishaps have reduced drastically. Now Rishikesh is working on another invention which he claims can be a lifesaver in case of electrocutions.

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