Innovative Automobile Seats – Beat the Harsh Conditions & Sit Without Hesitation in Different Seasons

India is a country of 1.7 billion populations where there are millions of vehicles running on the roads. After the industrial revolution, the use of vehicles in our day-to-day lives has been increased at a large extent. Even for small distances, we use our vehicles to reach the respective destination whereas earlier we used to walk for the same.

In India, we have four seasons viz. Winter, Summer, Monsoon, and Autumn (which is at a verge of extension due to climate change). Different seasons we have to face different challenges and overcome them in order to keep moving forward. One of the challenges is our automobile seats.

During winters, due to the snow or dew and fog, the seats of our vehicles get wet and we find it uncomfortable to sit on it and drive it further. But we somehow manage to drive by removing the snow and the wetness dew and fog has created on the cover of the seat. Yet our lower clothes get wet as we were only able to remove snow/water particles on the upper layer of the seat and unable to extract all the particles absorbed by the regular foam-made seats. And same is the case in monsoon season.

During summers, due to climate change, India is becoming hotter and hotter every year. The temperature is increasing in every part of India by 1 or 2 degrees annually. The highest temperature recorded in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan was 52.4-degree Celsius in the year 2016. It is very difficult to survive in such a harsh and hot temperature. And we also know that how much hot a vehicle and the seats get, whether it is a bike or a car, due to the Sun rays.

Currently, the motor vehicle seats are made up of PU foams which don’t help us to overcome any of the above-mentioned situations, whether it is wet or hot. This holds especially true for leather fabric used in cars. Leather seats can become quite a nuisance in the summer, especially if they are dark-colored. They tend to heat up more than regular seats.

Nowadays seat covers are available to overcome such issues but are a temporary solution. In 2018, overall automobile sales crossed 26.7 million in India which is a huge number and if we consider all the automobiles running on the streets of India currently, it will double or triple the number of automobile sales 2018, considering the fact that most of the homes have at least 2-3 automobiles.

What if a company (which might be founded by you) comes up with a material that can resist and doesn’t absorbs heat and water particles which is anti-dust (all in one solution) and uses it for manufacturing of automobile seats which will be required in millions in numbers at the national level and too might cross billions in numbers at an international level. You might be the one who can manufacture such seats with attached seat covers which will be an outer protective shield for the material you are going to use for manufacturing.

Your thoughts and actions would solve a problem which we face on a daily basis where only applying seat covers are not the solution. You might be the one who can solve this problem and give us all a relief from the wetness or hotness of seat in different seasons caused by our mother nature.

Become an Innovation Catalyst with Bots ‘N Brains to solve the problems around us and help India become a better country.


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