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Technology has made human life luxurious. No matter what task we are up for, there is always an application for it. Just from a few clicks, our work is done. Be it the booking of ride, movie or buying clothes, groceries, etc. The catch in here is that these facilities are available in metro cities. Unfortunately, when one travels to tier 2 or tier 3 cities, the luxury no longer persists.

The story is about three guys who spent a decade in a metro city and realized the tough life when they moved back to their hometown. Allow me to introduce Ashish Mittal, Hemant Pandey, and Lehsang Bhutia. The trio has spent their adulthood in Bangalore and enjoyed the convenience of technology to the core. But when they came back to their hometowns of Gangtok (Ashish), Kalimpong (Lehsang) and Shillong (Hemant), the scenario was completely different. The apps were no longer useful, and the inconvenience took a toll.

The inconvenience caused by the uncomfortable and crowded taxi to reach the home, made the trio come up with Wizzride. Wizzride is an online cab booking platform dedicated to the Northeast.

Why Wizzride?

The Co-Founder of the Siliguri-based Wizzride realized people faced a tough time to travel from Bagdogra airport to Siliguri and then going further to Gangtok. The only inexpensive choice for the people was a shared cab. These shared cabs were super uncomfortable. However, if you wanted a comfortable ride, then it was too expensive to book a private taxi. The two parameters of comfort and pricing were at stake. To provide the people with both the settings, Wizzride was born.

The purpose of Wizzride is to make travelling cheaper, smarter, and convenient for the travellers in the hill. Also, Wizzride wanted to avoid the monopoly of the local taxi operators over the modes of transportation in the Northeast.

What makes Wizzride stand out from Ola or Uber?

Consider a scenario of the intra-city ride where you have to travel from place A to place B. This facility is provided by Ola, which is an “Outstation” facility. The fares for such rides are expensive because the driver comes back empty-handed. This loophole is filled by Wizzride. The founders of the Wizzride have devised the plan in such a way that offers drivers booking on a to and fro basis, ensuring that he doesn’t come back empty-handed. This would considerably lower the fair and become a win-win situation for both the parties.

What were the challenges faced by Wizzride?

The biggest challenge faced by Wizzride was setting up a startup in Tier-2 or 3 cities. It is difficult to predict the customer base for the application and thus enhances the risk factor. Apart from that, people are not tech-savvy in towns. So the team of Wizzride had to travel places and teach people on making online bookings and its benefits. Despite facing challenges, Wizzride saw pretty amazing results.

Image Courtesy: Tripadvisor

The founders are planning to expand into other cities across the Northeast. Will you use Wizzride next time you travel to the Northeast? We would love to hear your views and experience.

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