Let the Beach be Rich!

Today’s environment is facing a severe problem of pollution. The air you breathe, the water you drink, the place you relax is all polluted. Air and water are fine, but what about the place you relax. I am talking about the beaches. Beaches are polluted, but we are fortunate enough to be blessed with the beach cleaning devices. All thanks to H.Barber and Sons who have come up with devices for beach cleaning, namely Surf Rake and Sand Man

Surf Rake

Surf Rake is being used in over 90 countries on six continents. It is perfect for cleaning medium to vast beaches. Surf Rake is a tractor towed machine. Surf Rake has got three models. The parameter which sets aside each mode is the size of the beach on which the model will be used.

The three models are Model 600HD, 400HD, and 400. Model 600HD is mostly used by municipalities to clean beaches which are large. It can clean sand up to nine acres an hour. It has a seven-foot wide cleaning path. It has the potential to lift to 4,500 pounds of material to a height of 9 feet before dumping it.

Model 400HD is mostly used by resorts, hotels and lakeshore societies to clean beaches which are medium in size. It can clean sand up to seven acres an hour. It has two cubic yard hopper. It has the potential to lift to 2,700 pounds of material to a height of 9 feet before dumping it. Model 400 is mostly used clean beaches which are small in size and are compact. It can clean sand up to five acres an hour. It has one cubic yard hopper. Surf rake is one of the fastest and most efficient beaches cleaners in the market.

How it works

The first step done by the surf rake is levelling the surface of the beach. The driver behind the machine guides the machine over large submerged objects. This helps in protecting the conveyor system and also takes care of the maintenance of the beach cleaner.

The conveyor belt on the machine uses stainless steel. Each tine is secured with special stainless steel hardware for easy replacement. The coils on the tines are positioned under the conveyor belt so that there are no coils or retaining bars to trap residual sand. The perforations on the belt allow clean sand to sift back onto the beach. The hopper of the machine is raised using hydraulic pressure, and its contents are disposed into the truck container. The maximum height for disposal can go up to 9 feet.

Sand Man

Sand Man is the walk behind a sand cleaner machine. It is compact and self-propelled. Just like Surf Rake, Sand Man is available in three models. The differentiating factor behind the three models is the size of the sifting screens. Each screen comes with a different diameter. The size of the debris and the sand on the beach will be the deciding factor for the customer. If the size of the beach is larger, the customer can prefer the screen of the cleaning machine with a bigger diameter and vice-versa. It can be used anywhere regardless of location and space restrictions.

Let us keep our beaches safe and monitor waste disposal. Fortunately, we have tech that matters for waste management but the cleaning of trash must be done from your end as well.

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