Maatritva – Platform for Safe Pregnancy

As per the UNICEF reports, globally, about 800 women die every day because of pregnancy and childbirth-related issue. Unfortunately, 20% of these women are from India. Count of death due to preventable pregnancy-related causes per annum is forty-four thousand in India. The statistics about babies is more disturbing than that of pregnant women. About 6.4 lakh babies die every year in the neonatal period.

To ensure the safety of the mother and kid, focusing on the quality of perinatal care is not enough. It is essential to form a network of skilled health workers to come together and tackle the issue. Maatritva, a project headed by Preleaf Technology, has come up with a mobile platform for health workers to provide maternal health services.

How does Maatritva Work

During pregnancy, women suffer from various kind of diseases and face a hard time. Blood pressure, high sugar, heart diseases and hormonal diseases are found in many of the cases. If these issues are ignored in the early stages of pregnancy, it may lead to severe complications in the future. The consequences can range from pre-mature delivery to maternal and infant death. It is essential to identify and screen these issues for larger masses. If found, track these issues and create an eco-system for the safety of the women. This is what Maatritva does. Maatritva helps in screening, identification and tracking of high-risk pregnant women. It makes sure that the woman and child are provided with appropriate care.

How does the Mobile Health Platform Function

The mobile platform has the functionality to scan a QR code. Each pregnant woman has a unique code which maps all the information about her health and phase of pregnancy. It predicts the risk factor of the pregnant woman as per the data fed by the healthcare practitioner in the system. This information consists of 25 different parameters like blood sugar levels, haemoglobin levels etc. It also becomes easy to monitor the count of pregnant women in the block.

The application has the functionality to support three different languages, i.e. Hindi, English and Marathi. It is also flexible to scale to other languages as per the requirements.

The Current User Base of the Mobile Platform

The mobile platform has over 1,000 active users which consist of 500 midwife users. Till date, 13,000 pregnant women have been screened. At present, Maatritva is operational at all the 15 blocks of Nasik district. The plan is to add features like referral module, information escalation module and birth preparedness module to smoothen the process.

Maatritva is also looking for organizations who take corporate social responsibility on a serious note.

Childbirth is a significant milestone in the life of new parents. Ensuring the safety of the woman and child should be the top priority. Steps should be taken from all perspectives to help the mother and the kid. Our best wishes with Maatritva for this noble initiative. We would like to hear your views about it. Do share with us on Bots ‘N Brains!

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