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Meet Lüa, the Smart Planter

Anyone who loves gardening can easily spend the whole day in their gardens. They know that the plants have a personality and they often talk to them. Some also feel that the plants give an indication when they are happy or sad. If you love your plants and love to talk to them with their moods here is something interesting for you!

Vivien Muller from Mu Design has created a smart planter known as Lüa. It has a clever design with a unique feature to change your favourite plant into a virtual pet. This is done by the planter communicating its needs. The Lüa smart planter can exhibit 15 different emotions to show how the plant is feeling.

Source: My Modern Met

The smart planter is not only cute but also makes sure that the plant in it gets all the things it needs to survive. It is fitted with sensors which help to activate the appropriate emotion after measuring the temperature, light and soil temperature. Lüa is also connected to an app which allows you to select your settings along with the plant. Then Lüa takes over and converts the plant to a loving and fun pet or a house member.

Out of the 15 emotions, 6 are directly related to the health of the plant. For example, if the plant is not getting enough light then a vampire emotion appears. In case you have not watered the plant a thirsty emotion comes. Emotions like catching a cold are also displayed if the temperature is not appropriate for the plant. but if everything is fine the planter gives a calm smile. It also exhibits emotions of sleep and wakes up on detecting movement.

Source: My Modern Met

Lüa can be fun and interactive for children as well. It allows them to learn how to take care of plants. It can be a great addition and help to anyone who is having trouble with their plants. So plant lovers aren’t you excited to get this smart planter home. It will not only give you company but also show you the needs of your plant.


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