Modern Day Pushpak Viman

The knowledge of elderly folks has always enlightened us. The first thought being “Old is gold” and the other one being “history repeats itself”. I often wonder when I will get to see their philosophy in action. Well, I am fortunate enough to have witnessed it. Can you connect the dots? A hint, something which is old and has been seen in recent days.

Allow me to introduce “Pushpak Viman”. Architect of the world, Vishwakarma invented it. Now, architects of the world are using the advanced version of “Pushpak Viman.” I am pretty sure you guys have already sensed it. I am talking about drones. Pushpak Viman was used as a chariot for the Lord; drones are being used as a chariot for human safety.

Recently Bihar has been facing heavy rainfalls, and there are high chances of flood. Indian Meteorological Department has issued a red warning and has asked the authorities in the region to begin the rescue operations. In such circumstances, it is challenging to reach some inaccessible places. Here is where the Government has leveraged drone technology. Let us discuss more startups for you to appreciate the wonders of the drone.

  • Netra by ideaForge: Netra is an autonomously hovering UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). IdeaForge, an IIT-Bombay based company designed it. Netra has the shape of a spider and weighs less than 1.5 kg. It was used in the rescue operations during the floods which took place in Uttarakhand in 2013. Many such devices were used to locate the missing people. The inputs shared by Netra were of great help in finding the people.
  • Redwing Aerospace: Redwing Aerospace, a Bengaluru-based drone delivery startup, has widened the scope of the usage of the drone. It has used a drone for delivering medicines, vaccines, and blood to the places where the authorities reach is tough. The delivery of the drone is based on the hub-and-spoke model. When the team receives the message regarding the inventory details, they load the inventory at the central hub. The drone is fed the coordinates of the destination where the health examiner picks up the stock. Unfortunately, the startup has not received permission to function in India.
  • Saif Automation: Saif Automation is a Vizag-based startup which is using the drone for defence and civilian sectors. It is used during emergencies like drowning, arising at sea. The drone does not need internet access to communicate. It has a dedicated radio communication channel. Whenever a person is found drowning, the crew member can throw a drone out into the water-body. This drone is controlled by a remote. Using the remote, the drone can be sent to the person and bring him back to the ship. The drone can travels at a speed of 7 knots.

So we have seen drones helping people in different emergency circumstances. We look forward to many more innovations where the drone can simplify our life to a greater extent. How would you like to be helped by the drone? We would be happy to listen to you at Bots ‘N Brains!


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