Superdrug – a distant dream?

Healthcare is one of the major problems in India. While the rich are provided with a high degree of healthcare, the people from the rural areas and the lower middle class struggles to get a decent amount of healthcare to survive. In the living conditions of the Indian environment, any disease or infection will lead to higher costs and in extreme cases leads to loss of lives. Some 2.4 million Indians die of treatable conditions every year, the worst situation among 136 nations studied for a report published in The Lancet.

Poor care quality leads to more deaths than insufficient access to healthcare–1.6 million Indians died due to poor quality of care in 2016, nearly twice as many as due to non-utilisation of healthcare services (838,000 persons). There are high proportions of antibiotic resistance in bacteria that cause common infections (e.g. urinary tract infections, pneumonia, bloodstream infections) in all regions of the world. A high percentage of hospital-acquired infections are caused by highly resistant bacteria such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) or multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria.

Healthcare-acquired infections or hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) are amongst the most common complications of hospital care, leading to high morbidity and mortality. While WHO estimates about 7-12% HAI burden in hospitalized patients globally, the figures from India are alarming, with an incidence rate varying from 11% to 83% for different kinds of HAIs.

What if there was a drug that can help cure multiple infections or diseases that can be common, with just one single pill. The drug won’t require a person to go physically to any healthcare center or visit a doctor for the common infections or viruses he/she gets affected by but instead, he/she needs to take a single pill that can provide resistance to multiple diseases. If you can think of the consequences of such a drug, just imagine, how that drug will change the lives of common people and the amount of money it will make to someone who develops it. Looking at the healthcare conditions in India, the drug would definitely provide a better life to the rural people.

The idea is to provide is to come up with a drug or product that can provide a series of antibacterial agents to cure any bacterial infection without the induction of multiple medicinal drugs.

Any idea that leads to changing the present scenario in India to a better and safer environment will surely help make the lives better. If you want to see the change in the world, be the change, become an Innovation Catalyst with Bots N Brains and contribute towards the change.


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