Next generation holographic Helmet for Soldiers.

The Indian army is a manpower-intensive military. With the second largest military in terms of personnel, the Indian armed forces have always faced a shortage of modernized and indigenous equipment.

The interim Union Budget 2019-20, presented in Parliament on February 1, 2019, allocated Rs 4,31,011 crore (US$ 60.9 billion) to the Ministry of Defence (MoD). Of the MoD’s total allocation, Rs 3,01,866 crore ($42.7 billion) is earmarked for what is conventionally termed as the defence budget.

The Indian armed forces have always stayed close to the mantra of the Cold War era when India was recently born and lacked both the financial strength and the technological know-how to obtain self-sufficiency in the realm of defence production. India may have developed since the 1990s to become one of Asia’s largest economic powers, still we have a lot more to go when it comes to using technology in defence field.

The soldiers do training activities in the training fields and many times they come across aiming problem to the target, either due to the sunlight or darkness. While we have already developed a night vision goggles which is helpful to see and target in the dark nights, but still we haven’t come up with a google which not only would help our soldiers to tackle sunlight but also rain water when they are on actual war.

In this era of digitalization where AI is gaining a lot of attention, the technology might be used for the purpose of making a holographic helmet for our soldiers. This helmet will not only be bullet-proof but also will help them to see clearly and target the enemies in front without any error irrespective of the seasons and the day time. The helmet might be fixed with a screen where our soldiers would be able to see everything with the distances even if a person is behind the walls (just like how Iron man can see in the movies). This helmet will not only be helpful during day and night time but also make a strategy plan by integrating it with a drone, which will be giving them a real-time data about the enemies’ number and position as an input.

What if a company (which might be founded by you) manufactures such a helmet which will be helping our soldiers for future wars, easing them to point at the target and shot them precisely. There is a requirement of this kind of gadgets that can be used by our soldiers easily and having a smooth operational use process.

Your thoughts and actions would solve a problem and improve the efficiency and performance of our soldiers during wars and emergencies like 26/11 attack in the country, leading to fewer losses of our soldiers during wars.

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