Papyrus Eficiencia: The Eco-friendly Paper

The estimated size of the paper industry in India is $5.95 Billion. It is an essential ingredient in the education and office sector and there are no viable alternatives in the market. Paper is also very crucial in most parts of our life with increased usage of digital technology. Bu the major problem paper industry find is the lack of resources for making paper. The industry has contributed heavily on deforestation and with trees decreasing it has kept a strain on the industry.  This why KIIT university student Anurag Kumar Kyal decided to invent a new kind of eco-friendly paper which is easier to make and most importantly does not cut down trees.

Papyrus Eficiencia is a special kind of paper made using enzymatic biologically engineered process. It is also made out of waste weed which was previously not used for anything. The paper produced by this method is 40-45% cheaper than its counterpart and also has low energy consumption. Also the production halts all kind of environment degradation including deforestation and pollution. Anurag was searching for an alternative to the pulp used and found out about the weed which was suitable for paper production.

The process is also eco-friendly as it doesn’t use any kind of chemicals in the process compared to the regular hardwood used for paper production. Also, the paper produced is of the same quality as the previous one and can be used for any of the purposes hardwood paper was being used.

Source: India Innovates

Anurag is an inspiration for young students who wants to make a change in our country and make it technology-driven. Where others saw a problem, he was able to come up with a solution and a very good one at it. Not only did he innovate an existing product, but he also made himself famous and well known by doing what he loved. Like Anurag, many of us can also change the world by making small contributions of our own. If we try our best at a topic we love we can achieve great things.

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