Portable operation theatre, easy to provide medical attention in case of disasters

As per Healthy People 2020, access to healthcare is significant for overall physical, social, and mental health status, infection aversion, recognition, finding, and treatment of sickness, personal satisfaction, preventable demise and future. [1]

Rural residents frequently experience obstructions to medicinal services that limit their capacity to acquire the consideration they need. All together for rustic inhabitants to have adequate access, important and fitting social insurance administrations must be accessible and possible in an auspicious way. Notwithstanding when a sufficient supply of human services administrations exists in the network, there are different variables to consider regarding social insurance get to.

The rural residents being kept far from primary healthcare, one student from IIT-B, Dinoj Joseph has paved the way for accessible, smart healthcare. The idea for Portable Operation Theatre mainly focuses para-trouping team, disaster management and remote locations where hospitals are rare. The portable operation theatre houses a sterile environment and includes with it an air purifier, a mini air conditioner, a portable sterile enclosure, surgical gowns, a foldable table and hand wash units to surgical instruments.

“I hail from Kodakara, a remote village in Kerala. Growing up, I did have basic healthcare, but it was only when I was working abroad that I realized the quality. In India, population and road connectivity are hurdles to this quality. This was motivation enough for me to develop a portable and affordable model.” [2]

The portable operation theatre is so designed that it can be fit into a moving vehicle or can be taken outside to the point where the medical assistance is needed. The theatre has a capacity of four surgeons who can together in it. While designing this model, he had made sure that there was no compromise on health and safety and sanitation of an individual. The overall price of the portable OT will be cheaper than a traditional one, but the equipment costs will remain the same as most of the operating instruments are imported from outside, hence the overall cost increases.

He has designed a piece of equipment that will help save lives of those who can’t afford primary healthcare due to financial or natural or some other constraints. Dinoj has helped solved one of the many problem society faces.

There are still many problems that needs innovation like what Dinoj did. Visit us at Bots N’ Brains to become an Innovation Catalyst and know more about problems like these.


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