Poultry Raking Machine, Making Lives Easier for Farmers

Raking poultry is necessary to keep them in good health. But finding the labour for such services nowadays is very scarce. Also, manual raking of poultry is not safe and secure and you could contact serious diseases. Like many, Gujarat farmer Sureshbhai Narotambhai faced the same problem as well. This prompted Sureshbhai to think of alternate ways and came to the idea of mechanizing this process. He started with a few prototypes and finally managed to make a working model for poultry raking in 2008.

Source: NIF

Why is Raking Important?

Raking exposes ammonia and nitrogen present in animal wastes into the atmosphere. Proper raking is therefore important and it is proven that proper raking reduces the mortality rate among chicks and also increases the chance of it being very healthy.

How does the Poultry Raking Machine Work?

The user will hold the device from its handle. It has a belt and pulley system for fast rotating. The pulley has a dimension of 25cm. It is connected to an electrical supply using a cable. The machine is driven by a 1400 rpm single phase motor. The motor also provides traction for moving the device forward. The raking part is done with a blade made of mild steel with 75 cm width connected to a wheel of 40 cm diameter.

It has been found that using this device reduces the overall cost of poultry farming by 50%. It will be able to cover 15000 square feet per hour whereas the same done manually would take 6 hours. Other advantages include the usual advantage of Raking such as the reduction in foul odour in the farm and disease-free chicks.

Source: NIF

His project was funded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) under the skill India mission. Moreover, he has applied for a patent so that he can reap the benefits for his hard work.

While Sureshbhai was faced with the problem of raking without any labour, he was brilliant in thinking of an outside the box solution to invent a new device that would change the lives of many farmers such as himself.  He is an inspiration to the people of Gujarat and also to the numerous farmers in India.

Source: NIF

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