Smart Spacesuits, A Better Bet for Astronauts

The world we live in has been shaped and created after the continuous human efforts across time. We have seen clashes in our ideas, we executed them, shared our knowledge for what works and what not, which in a way continued to evolve our world.


The fundamental driver has been the curiosity we show towards what this world is; The constant urge to find answers on the topics like what is our position, what exactly we are in this space, has helped us gain access to technologies that make our daily lives easy. After we deployed satellites, we now have the Internet. With it comes the various subsequent services, which have vastly destroyed the barrier of sharing the knowledge across different cultures in the World.

What do we owe this to?

Among various others, it’s been the innovations in the Space Exploration that has enabled us to reach such heights in civilization. Being such a vast field, there are various questions left for us to be answered. Which is why Space Agencies around the World are working hard to promote innovations that will help us reach one step closer to the Utopic World.

In its annually released press note, NASA in April 2019 listed out various innovative concepts that it’ll be funding. One of these may sound like something taken straight from a science-fiction movie. NASA’s NIAC program has been selected to invest in Smart Spacesuits. While spacewalks from the International Space Stations have helped us deploy satellites there, now the time has come when we think of getting to other planets. And, that exactly is the basis of the innovation that we’re talking about here.

Source: Air & Space Magazine

The proposal of the innovating technology was provided by Dr Ana Diaz Artiles, Director, Bioastronautics and Human Performance Lab, Texas A&M University. The innovation talks about Spacesuits for Extravehicular Activity on other planetary environments which would be extremely helpful when we are exploring the opportunities of Manned Mars Mission. Though the proposed spacesuit still relies on traditional technologies like the gas pressurised body, it has incorporated robotics in the same so that astronaut can better interact with the alien environment. For example, the proposed spacesuit will collect real-time data about the surroundings and will give feedback to the wearer. Being soft-robotics technology, the spacesuit will vastly improve mobility of the wearer which is one of the major issues with current generation spacesuits available. The spacesuit also uses the information from its sensors to attain self-healing capabilities as well.

Source: Texas A&M Today

The innovation has currently been chosen for Phase 1. A team from Texas A&M University will be directly in touch with NASA so that the same can be utilised for future space missions.

This is just one of the various innovations that are taking place in the Space Exploration Arena where we at Bots ‘N Brains think that Indian R&D centres can definitely take part in. Being a project in its nascent stage, more and more developments on the topic are inevitable. This opens opportunities for various R&D departments in the Indian Technology Institutes to come up with just the product required for the World.


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