Spike system integrated with traffic signal

People jumping red signals is a normal view for any person in India. Everyone seems to be in a hurry these days and to keep up with time, people keep breaking rules, jumping red lights in daily life without knowing the consequences of it. We can see the behavior of people around traffic systems, unaware of the traffic rules, disregard of traffic signals and lane rules and regulations. Traffic signals are implemented in most parts of the country, but they are not being followed and there is no use of providing the signs and crossings if people don’t follow it. Zebra crossings are made so that pedestrians can cross roads when there is a red light, but vehicles stand on the zebra crossings making it completely non-functional. There are around 53,700 vehicles registered everyday in India, so you can think of the number of vehicles that are on road everyday would be much higher. In 2016, the total number of vehicles in the country was about 230 million [2] which must have gone much higher from then. What if all those vehicles around the country does not follow traffic rules and regulations. Can you think of the commotion it will create in the entire country?

Tackling this problem have been a big pain point for the Indian Government. There are many solutions available or are in progress but are not effective enough to control the traffic and give them a sense of awareness to follow those traffic rules and regulation. S. Siva Mahima came up with an idea of implementing spike strips before the zebra crossing on every traffic signal so as to control the vehicles who jump signals, have no sense of traffic rules, break lanes or disregard every other rule.

The system is so designed that it will puncture the tires of vehicles of those who try to jump signals, so people will to wait till the signal turns green or else the consequence will be immediate. The retractable spike strips before the zebra crossing are integrated with the traffic lights and the cycle time accordingly. The spikes will automatically come out when the traffic lights turn red on the respective lane where traffic movement has to be stopped and will retract when the traffic signal turns green.

The retractable spike strip system is one piece of innovation where a person’s passion for road safety helped her invent something which have multiple uses and the invention will serve much better for the country as well. The effectiveness will be checked once it is implemented in reality.

The solution does not make it mandatory that this is the only solution to a problem like this. There can be multiple solutions and we look forward to people who not only innovate but also have passion to change the existing systems because of its ineffectiveness.

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