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The Blue Shoe!

We live in a world which follows the philosophy of receiving and giving in equal amount. The favour you do to the people will be returned at the right time. But why don’t we follow the same principle when it comes to natural bodies like oceans.

The oceans give us life, and in return, we take away its life. Yes, I am referring to the menace caused by plastic pollution. Approximately eight metric tons of plastic trash ends up in the ocean every year. When the sunlight photo degrades the plastic into small pieces, marine animals mistake these fragments for food and eat it. This further results in the death of a countless number of whales, turtles, fish and other species.

To tackle the issue of pollution caused by plastic, sports retailer Adidas and the conservation organization Parley for the Oceans have come up with an innovative solution. They have collected the trash generated by the plastic and are using it to create a line of footwear.

Image Courtesy: Parley TV

If you are wondering the shoe may not have the look, functionality and quality, then you are mistaken. It provides everything one looks for in a shoe and is super comfortable to wear.

Don’t trust me! I will let the numbers clarify your doubt. In 2017, one million pairs of shoes were produced by the firm, which appreciated to five million in 2018. The plan is to manufacture eleven million pairs of shoes made from recycled ocean plastic in 2019. We all have studied in Economics 101 that the firms produce the inventory only when its demand exists. It is quite evident that the market will only exist when the consumer likes the product. And I hereby, rest my case!

In 2016, The UltraBOOST Uncaged Parley running shoe was released by Adidas. It was the first mass-produced footwear created using plastic trash collected from the ocean. Each pair of shoes can be made using 11 plastic bottles. You can do the math to appreciate the count of plastic bottles used by Adidas for manufacturing the shoes.

Adidas has also taken other initiatives to tackle the issues of pollution. Several years ago, the sports retailer eliminated the usage of plastic bags in all their stores. The reason behind doing this was to set an example for customers so that they get aware of the environmental issues. Mr Kasper Rorsted, the CEO shared that the firm does not look at sustainability as an opportunity to get a competitive edge. But it sees it as an obligation, for the global companies to do business responsibly and sustainably.

We hope other multi-national companies also come up with solutions that encourage eco-friendly business. What are your views on these shoes? Do you plan to use them? We would love to hear your opinion.


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