When we think of going on a trip, we plan it very nicely so that we can enjoy every moment of it. We search every place and nearby areas to visit. But we sometimes forget to check whether the vehicle in which we are going on a trip is safe enough so that it does not cause any problem during the trip. Most of the accidents occur due to tyre punctures. The tyre punctures can cause accidents and deaths of many.

In 2014, a total of 9,748 accidents occurred in the Indian subcontinent due to tyre bursts that killed 3,031 people in total and injured 9,081.” [1] Yes, Tyre Punctures or blowouts, one of the major reasons of casualties on the domestic highways.

Looking at these numbers, anyone can figure out that tyre punctures can be deadly. And there is no instant solution to this. Tyre punctures are a reason for any pointed object making a profusion in tyre causing it to release air pressure and causes disbalance of the vehicle due to which accidents occur. This type of mishap if occurs on a speedy highway can be disastrous. If we see the Indian environment, where everyone is in a hurry, having a tyre puncture in the midst of heavy traffic movement may lead to deadly circumstances.

One way to tackle this kind of problem is to come up with an idea that repairs the tyre as soon as a puncture occurs so that the disbalance of a vehicle does not occur and the vehicle can be controlled easily. If a person is cautious enough to get the tyre conditions checked before taking the vehicle out for a trip or for work, there are possibilities that a tyre puncture can occur to him/her. A possible solution to this is the self-healing tyre. A self-healing tyre repairs itself when a puncture occurs. The point of profusion from where the air pressure is released gets filled with the semi-solid powdered substance and fills the hole which was affected by the pointy object and hence makes sure the tyre is in perfect condition without the vehicle to lose control and there is no need to stop the vehicle for repairs.

The concept of self-healing tyre is still in development but there are still many other ways in which this problem can be solved.

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