The long walk for water.

According to the 2011 census, nearly 70% of the country’s population lives in rural areas which is estimated to 83.3 crores of population. Every second woman in rural India walked an average of 173 kilometers in 2012. The distance between Delhi and Vrindavan, to bring consumable water, making her trek 25 kilometers longer than what it was in 2008-09. With falling in per capita accessibility of water in India, the report demonstrates that reliance on draining groundwater for savoring purposes in rural India is on the ascent as progressively available sources are drying up.

Therefore, in 2012, about 54% of rural women needed to go between 200 meters and five kilometers every day to get potable water. They strolled 20 minutes every day on an average and went through an additional 15 minutes at the source. The situation gets worse during the summer season as compared to other seasons when rural women had to walk for 30 minutes on an average to fetch potable water. The effort to fetch drinking water slows development, including education, according to global studies by the United Nations Development Programme. Being “needed at home” is a major reason why children, especially girls from poor families, drop out of school.

Rural women walk many tens of miles with heavy load on their head which causes stress, discomfort and eventually head and neck injuries.

What if there is a product which can be designed ergonomically and can be fixed on top of the head that can transfer the weight carried on the head to the shoulders, which can be positioned better to carry weight. It can also help women to take rest while carrying the load on their head by shifting the load to shoulder and vice versa. In this way, they can also take some rest in their way when they get tired under the shade of a tree (if there is any).

Currently, there is a product called head load reducing device, due to some complications regarding the product is again in redesigning phase. However, you could also innovate such kind of product and help rural women towards reducing their efforts in collecting potable water. Join us as an innovation catalyst at Bots ’N Brains and help India to become a better country.

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