The Stove which Charges your Phone!

The Stone Age man used fire for cooking. It was one of the most important inventions in the history of humankind. Fortunately, the modern age man always wants more. BioLite stoves are the perfect example of this nature of the new generation people. The product is addressed as the next generation of fire. It is a portable wood-burning stove that creates smokeless flames while generating usable electricity.

Source: BioLite Energy

The primary function of the stove is to cook food. BioLite stoves also cook food, but these also generate electricity which can be used to charge mobile phones at the same time. It also has the feature to store the energy using its onboard battery. The LED interface gives real-time feedback on what’s going on inside the stove. It has got internal fan jets that control the size of the fire produced by the stove. The BioLite stove has lightweight aluminium legs which can be folded. This feature makes the stove portable.

How does BioLite Stove work?

The BioLite stove has three key elements – the burn chamber, precision airflow system and a thermoelectric generator. The inception of the process happens with the burn chamber. When you burn something inside the burn chamber, it gets hot. This is where precision airflow system enters the process. It injects the fire with the right amount of oxygen. This injection of oxygen is done by 51 jets which are present inside the chamber. It makes sure that the fuel in the system is completely combusted. Thus the system is also burning the smoke produced before it gets the chance to escape from the system.

Smoke is generally an unused element in the fire. With the assistance of precision airflow system, every particle is used along with the smoke. Due to this, you get a cleaner flame to cook your meals and charge your phone.

Speaking about charging of phone, there is a tank attached to the stove. This tank takes some of the heat from the fire and converts it into electricity through the phenomenon known as the Seebeck effect. It works on the principle of heat differential. In simple words, the temperature difference between the two electrical conductors or semi-conductors generates the voltage difference between them, resulting in the flow of electricity.

The BioLite stove can create 3 watts of electricity from the heat of the fire. The only thing which needs to be worked on is the weight of the stove. It is quite heavy.  This makes it difficult to carry it at places where you will have no access to electricity.

We look forward to many such innovative ideas where the use of the product has no limits. Will you prefer using the BioLite stove in your next camping? We would love to hear you out.


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