This App can Help to Resolve the Connectivity Issues

Agreed with the invention of mobile phones our lives became easier. This meant that there was effective and efficient communication at any time of the day. This device as given us the ease to contact anyone at the time of emergency to connect with family and friends at the distant part of the world. Not only this, there has been constant evolvement since the first time they came into the market. The latest devices are no less than a computer, television, camera, video player and you name it and the app is present for all your needs.

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Though mobile phones have managed to successfully bridge the gap between people, communication, emergencies, entertainment and a plethora of applications, still there is one thing which is very annoying. The constant problem of connectivity issue, call drops, no service areas, unable to connect to 4G can be really frustrating. This may not even solve the issues at an hour of emergency.

Tuhin Dutta has come up with an innovation for the same. He has made a Smart Network Issue Reporting Tool. He came up with this idea through his own experience and has also self-funded the same. Currently, his innovation is in the stage of commercialization. So how does his tool solve the problem?

What are the Industry Challenges:

Whenever the end users face some problems like call, message, connectivity issues and data, they contact their network provider customer care for the network issues. The customer care representative, in turn, needs details like the area and the exact issue faced by them. After this, a technician is sent over to the same area to identify the actual problem. After the problem is identified they make plans for the solution. This is indeed a time taking process.

How does Tuhin’s Idea Work?

His idea involves the implementation of an App for the end-users. This app is designed in such a way that it helps both the user and the operator. The app will note down all the details like network tower, location, physical cell ID, frequency bands, electrical tilt, channel quality index, overshooting, download speed, call drop, call connect duration, upload speed and leading or lagging swap. After the details are captured a report is created based on the values achieved. The end user can directly send the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) report to the network operator through this app. The technical team after seeing the report can map which KPI site is down and why is the end user facing the problem. They can further decide what action to take and how to resolve the issue by just sitting in their control room.

How is it going to be Valuable for End-users

This tool will definitely help clients and customers. The benefits of this are that it automates the process of error reporting, reduces the time for the resolution of the issue, gives a real-time update rather than the status, offers less room for manual mistakes, need only a fraction of seconds to report the issue and is cost effective.

With this app, the network issues are certainly going to come down. Also, the constant and annoying calls to the network operator customer care can be given a rest.

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