This Chennai Man has Developed an Economical Rain Water Harvesting System

It’s so strange that Chennai faced severe floods in 2015, and lost several lives. This year the same city which was struck by floods is facing water crisis due to the low water reserves. One of the major reasons for this crisis is demand and supply. Well, it’s not just Chennai, the other cities are also running out of groundwater at a fast pace and soon may face the same state as Chennai.

Source: Composite Water Management Index By Niti Aayog / UN Report On Water Conservation

The need of the hour is to harvest rainwater. This task can rather be overwhelming as well as unaffordable as people usually live in flats and rented apartments. Thus installing an independent unit is not possible.

However, the people of Chennai have become serious regarding this and have started working towards preserving rainwater. There are many who have enough water for six months and many people who are working at the base level to restore the underground water levels.

Among all the people opting for water conservation, 45-year-old Dayanand Krishnan from Chennai has come up with a sustainable DIY innovation of rainwater harvesting tool. The unit is cost-effective at Rs 250/- and can save up to 200 litres of water in just 10 minutes.

Source: Your Story

Where did he get the idea

Though Chennai is under the effects of drought a sudden downpour relieved the people. When Krishnan saw thousands of litres of water being wasted at a time when Tamil Nadu was facing a crisis, he thought of coming up with something to save water. This way he wanted to do something and help people.

He started experimenting on the terrace of his home. He already had a drum and needed a three-feet PVC pipe along with a cloth filter and 2 pipe bends. He attached all the pipes on his 400 square feet terrace and the other end of the pipe is given entry into the drum with a cloth filter.

The first time it rained after setting up the unit Krishnan was on his way back home from the office. He was excited to know whether his invention was working or not. He reached home to find that they had collected 225 litres of water in 10 minutes, enough for the household use for the next 2-3 days.

Krishan receives municipal water once a week in the area he stays. If they are not too careful regarding storage and usage, the water does not even last for 4 days. His storage system comes as a boon as it will support a family of 3 to carry out their day to day chores with much ease. Many times the water tanker reaches 10-15 days after being ordered at a price of 1500/-. Krishnan feels that his rain harvesting system is quick, simple and good enough to take care of the water for 2-3 days. In case someone wants more water then more drums can be added to the system.

A plumber is not required to install this system however, you can take help from someone who can guide you. The only materials required are a drum for water storage, PVC pipes of the desired length from the storage point to the collection point, cloth filter and PVC pipe bends to connect the pipes at the corners.

If people like Krishnan can be so observant about a problem and find its solution, you could also do the same. Having said that, if you have an idea join us as an Innovation Catalyst at Bots N Brains and visit our problem database to solve as many problems as you can.


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