A colorful country of garbage dumping grounds.

Urban areas keep on drowning in waste and there are exasperating frequencies of real landfills bursting into flames in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. Plastics remain an issue of concern. Dissents over strong waste dumping all over India have expanded. Menstrual waste was another subject that was broadly announced for the current year after CPCB discharged the rules on sterile waste administration. CPCB additionally advised guidelines on strong waste administration.

How cities are turning into a dumping ground for waste?

Delhi reportedly delivers 10,000 metric huge amounts of trash each day and the space to dump this waste is a noteworthy issue. East Delhi’s Ghazipur rubbish dump remains at 65 meters tall, extremely near the tallness of Qutub Minar, which remains at 73 meters. As Mumbai reeled under a warmth wave, a fire broke out in the city’s biggest landfill site at Deonar on March 26, 2018.

Dhapa dumping ground in Kolkata has been consuming since November 2018 and the thick smoke surging out of the site is making the city’s polluted air significantly increasingly harmful. Since October 20, fires brought about by poisonous gases have been seething inside a landfill in Bhalswa, an urban town in North Delhi where a 40-acre of the graveyard of waste hangs tight for its very own demise. Dangerous smoke from a burst at the Okhla landfill in the national capital caused medical issues among nearby occupants.

The amount of domestic waste

With Mount Pirana developing at an alarming rate, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has at long last put its foot down. Come December, the organization won’t gather residential waste in the event that it isn’t isolated into dry and wet. With an intent to determine to squander the executive’s issues of inhabitants in Gurugram, the organization in charge of strong waste administration in the city has adopted the nearby administration strategy by selecting ward supervisors in every one of the 35 wards.

Before long, every one of the regions and partnerships in Tamil Nadu will start sending non-recyclable waste to the cement plants and thermal power stations to be burned and changed over into fuel. The civil organization in Cuttack will authorize another arrangement of guidelines, including fines for littering streets before homes, for better isolation and transfer of waste.

India is among the top five e-squander creating nations on the planet after China, the US, Japan and Germany, as indicated by a report. One of the greatest makers of e-squander on the planet, India doesn’t have information and observing instruments to oversee e-squander.

If this trend of dumping of waste continues in the country, then it won’t take long for us to be living with mountains of waste beside our residential areas with the unpleasant smell and disturbing view of dump just outside the windows. How are we going to explain this to the next generation about how we handled our nation when it came to waste management?

There may come a time when we will have to co-exist with waste instead of co-existing with nature. Dumping of waste on land not only harms us but mainly harms the environment. A thousand acres of greenery turns into the barren land, the trees that provide us with oxygen and also cleans the air are cut and are turned into plain lands to serve us as a dumping ground.

We need to find other ways of dumping, not just burning the waste or throwing it outside the house or dumping it on the land is going to solve this problem. There should exist a solution through which we can convert this waste into some useful state which can be put to better use.

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