Watermaker, Converting the Air to Easy and Accessible Water

Water is one of the most basic necessities and yet many are deprived of the same. We are so careless when it comes to water and without thinking waste litres of it almost every day. Did you know that there are more than 100 ways to save water? It only requires us to be more conscious of how we can do our bit by saving more water.

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As each one of us, even Meher Bhandara, was very careless about water. But after reading about the water shortage, dying monsoons, dried up rivers and people drinking dirty water she took action and started working on a solution.

Meher Bhandara is the founder of Watermaker, a company which provides clean drinking water from the air. It was in the year 2006, that her brother came across technology with an American scientist. He claimed he could make water from the air and that was when it struck her brother that they could do the same in India as well.

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How is water made from air

As per a report by the Indian Water Portal, almost 37.7 million people are affected by airborne diseases and 1.5 million children succumb to death due to diarrhoea. When people fall ill then almost 73 million working days are lost leading to a loss of 600 dollars every year. The states affected are Assam, Punjab, Bihar, West Bengal and Rajasthan.

Water from the air also known as Atmospheric Water Technology works on the technique of dehumidification where moisture in the air is extracted and condensed to make clean drinking water. This technique works best in coastal areas. Further Watermaker claims that temperatures between 25 to 32 degrees centigrade and RH levels of 70% are ideal for converting air into water.

How the organisation has shown its impact

In 2009, Watermaker had its own CSR plant in Jalimudi village, Andhra Pradesh. It provided drinking water almost 500 villagers and soon became the first atmospheric water plant in the rural area. The second project came up in Gandhigram, Gujrat. Since then, the organisation has supplied approximately 3000 Watermaker units all over the world. Machines for same have been installed in Maharashtra, Gujrat, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and other coastal areas.

Source:Watermaker India

The impact it has had is that with the ease of providing safe drinking water with a lot of man-hours have been saved which would otherwise have been wasted in just going out to collect water. Secondly, there has been an improvement in health as people get access to clean drinking water. This helps to avoid water-borne diseases.

Source: WaterMaker India

Meher has only one dream and that is to install more machines so that people get clean drinking water. She firmly believes that “Every drop counts. NO water, NO life. Save water!

If people like Meher can be so observant about a problem and find its solution, you could also do the same. Having said that, if you have an idea join us as an Innovation Catalyst at Bots N Brains and visit our problem database to solve as many problems as you can.


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